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Cherry MX Blues are widely considered to be one of the best types of mechanical keyboard switches available. Cherry MX Blues are known for their tactile feel, audible click sound, and responsiveness when typing or gaming. They offer a great balance between precision and comfort that makes them ideal for both casual gamers and professional typists alike.

Whether you’re looking for a switch with an extra loud click or something more subtle, Cherry MX Blues have you covered! In this article we will explore what Cherry MX Blues have to offer as well as how they differ from other Cherry switches like Cherry Red and Brown. So if you’re on the hunt for a new mechanical keyboard switch, read on to learn why Cherry MX Blues may just be perfect for your needs!

Cherry MX Blues

What is Cherry MX Blues?

The Cherry MX Blues are a type of mechanical keyboard switch manufactured by Cherry Corporation that offer an audible click and tactile feel. These switches are often used in gaming and typing keyboards due to their excellent responsiveness and balance between precision and comfort. Cherry MX Blues are designed to be extremely durable, with a lifespan of up to 50 million keystrokes.

Cherry MX Blues are constructed from two components – the stem and the housing. The stem is made from a plastic alloy called Polyoxymethylene (POM) which is strong yet flexible enough to be able to move freely when pressed. The housing is made from either ABS or PBT plastic and contains the actual switch mechanism including the spring, slider, and contact points. Cherry MX Blues use a non-clicky linear design which means they do not make any clicking noise when pressed.

When it comes to performance, Cherry MX Blues offer some impressive features that make them ideal for gaming or typing purposes. They have an average actuation force of 60g meaning they respond quickly but still require enough pressure for accurate feedback when typing or gaming. Cherry MX Blues also feature a 2mm travel distance which gives them a consistent tactile feel even after many presses of the same key over time. Additionally, Cherry MX Blues have an operating temperature range of -25°C (-13°F) up to 80°C (176°F). This means that they can function perfectly even in challenging environmental conditions such as cold weather or hot computers rooms without having any issues with performance or reliability.

In terms of sound quality, Cherry MX Blue switches produce a loud audible click every time they’re pressed down – making them easily distinguishable in noisy environments such as LAN parties or crowded offices. While this might not be ideal for quiet working areas, it makes Cherry MX Blue switches perfect for gaming or competitive typing scenarios where speed and accuracy is paramount over noise control considerations.

All in all, Cherry MX Blues offer great performance and durability while remaining comfortable enough for extended typing sessions without causing strain on your fingers or wrists. Whether you’re looking for an excellent choice for gaming keyboards or professional typing duties – Cherry MX Blue switches are definitely worth considering!

Comparison between Cherry Red and Brown switches

Cherry MX switches are the most popular mechanical keyboard switches on the market, and Cherry MX Blues are considered to be some of the best. Cherry MX Blues offer a crisp click with a tactile bump when pressed and require more force to actuate than Cherry Reds or Browns. Cherry Red switches offer smooth, linear travel with no click or bump. Cherry Browns are similar to Reds but have a tactile bump when actuated that is much lighter than Cherry Blues.

When deciding between Cherry Red, Brown, and Blue switches for your keyboard, it’s important to consider what type of typing experience you prefer. Cherry Red switches provide a smooth keystroke with minimal resistance that can make typing fast and effortless. Cherry Brown switches also provide a smooth keystroke but add in a light tactile feel that provides feedback without requiring as much effort as Blue switches. Cherry Blue switches offer the most feedback and require the most effort to press, but they also give you an audible click that lets you know that you’ve pressed the key correctly.

Both Cherry Red and Brown switches are great options for gamers who don’t want too much auditory feedback while gaming or those who need a fast response time to keep up with opponents. On the other hand, Cherry Blues are ideal for typists who want precise feedback so they can accurately measure their typing speed and accuracy. If you’re looking for something in between Red and Blue, then Cherry Brown is likely your best bet as it offers both smooth travel and a light tactile feel when pressed.

The choice between Cherry Reds, Browns, or Blues will ultimately come down to your personal preference as well as how often you use your keyboard for gaming versus typing purposes. Whichever switch type you choose though, you can rest assured that any of these Cherry MX offerings will provide superior performance compared to non-mechanical keyboards – even if you have to push yourself harder with Blues than other switch types!

Pros and cons of using Cherry MX Blues switches

Cherry MX Blues are arguably one of the best mechanical keyboard switches available in the market today. Cherry MX Blues offer a unique typing experience that is unmatched by other switches and can be enjoyed by both beginners and advanced users alike.

The Cherry MX Blue is a tactile clicky switch, meaning it has an audible click when pressed. This click sound is made when two metal contact points make contact with each other when the keystroke is pressed. As you press the switch further downward, the keystroke actuates before releasing an audible click sound as you release your finger from the switch. Cherry MX Blues offer a light to moderate resistance for sensitive typing, making them perfect for those who need accurate feedback from their keyboards.

Pros of Cherry MX Blues Switches

– Tactile Clicky Switch: Cherry MX Blues provide a tactile clicking sensation that makes typing easier and more enjoyable, providing increased accuracy and speed during gaming or working sessions.

– Light to Moderate Resistance: Cherry MX Blues offer just enough resistance to provide some feedback without feeling too heavy on your fingers during long typing sessions.

– Durability: Cherry MX switches are rated for up to 50 million keystrokes making them some of the most durable mechanical keyboard switches available today.

– Reliability: Cherry MX Blues have been tested extensively by mechanical keyboard enthusiasts worldwide and have proven themselves as reliable switch options time and time again.

Cons of Cherry MX Blue Switches

– Loud Typing: Depending on how loudly someone types, Cherry MX blues may seem obnoxiously loud in quiet rooms or offices where background noise needs to be kept at a minimum level.

– Expense: Cherry MX Blue switches tend to be slightly more expensive than other mechanical keyboard switches due its popularity among gamers and enthusiasts but this cost may end up paying off in overall performance in the long run.

– Heavy Handed Typists: CherryMX Blues could be considered too light for those who apply heavy pressure while typing as they may require additional activation force before registering keystrokes which could lead to delayed response times while working or playing games online.


Tips for selecting the right one for your needs

Cherry MX Blues are widely considered to be one of the best switches for gaming and typing. They’re often praised for their resistance to wear-and-tear, consistent actuation force, and satisfying tactile feedback when used. However, Cherry MX Blues aren’t the right switch for everyone, so it’s important to evaluate your needs to select the right Cherry MX Blue switch for you.

When selecting Cherry MX Blue switches, one of the primary considerations is sound level. Cherry MX Blues have a distinct ‘click’ sound when they’re activated, which can be louder than other Cherry switches like Brown or Red models. Depending on where you plan to use your keyboard, that click-clack sound may not be suitable in quieter environments such as libraries or quiet workspaces. Of course, this can also work in your favour if you enjoy hearing that noise for gaming and typing!

In addition to sound level, the actuation force is another point to consider. Cherry MX Blues require an actuation force of 50g+ with a 2mm pre travel distance before reaching their peak activation force at about 70g. That means Cherry MX Blue switches will require a slightly higher amount of pressure than other Cherry switches before registering an input from the user – which can take some getting used to if you’re coming from a lighter switch type like Red or Brown models.

Cherry MX Blues are also more susceptible to wear-and-tear over time compared to other Cherry switches due to their stiffer springs and heavier actuation forces. To ensure long lasting performance with Cherry MX Blues, it’s important pay attention to keycap materials and lubricants as well as regular maintenance routines such as cleaning off dust build up on contact points inside your switch housing periodically.

Finally, Cherry MX Blue switches have a reputation for being great typing switches because they offer satisfying tactile feedback with every keystroke – provided that you don’t mind a bit of extra noise while typing! If you’re looking for something that’s quiet but still offers good tactile feedback then Cherry MX Browns might be a better choice since they require less actuation force than Blue switches and still offer similar levels of tactile feedback without being too loud in quieter environments.

At the end of the day it all comes down to individual preference; so make sure that you take into account factors such as sound levels, actuation forces, wear-and-tear resilience as well as any other personal preferences when selecting your ideal Cherry MX Blue switch!



Cherry MX Blue switches are one of the most popular switches used in mechanical keyboards today. They provide a unique tactile feel and sound that many people enjoy when typing or gaming. Installing Cherry MX blue switches into a mechanical keyboard is not difficult, but it does require some precision and patience to ensure that everything is properly connected.

Before you begin, be sure to gather all the necessary tools for the job: a soldering iron, solder, and desoldering braid. If you’re unfamiliar with how to use soldering equipment safely and effectively, consider watching a tutorial video on YouTube before starting the process. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that your Cherry MX blue switches are all the same size; mix-and-matching from different Cherry MX switch models can lead to issues down the line due to differences in pin configurations.

Once you’ve double-checked that your Cherry MX blue switches are all compatible with each other, start by removing any existing Cherry MX switch from its socket on your mechanical keyboard. This can typically be done by gently pulling on the switch stem with small tweezers until it pops out of place. Then take the soldering iron and use its tip to heat up one of the Cherry MX switch pins while using desoldering braid on top of it to wick away excess solder. Repeat this process for every one of the Cherry MX switch pins until they’re completely clear of any solder residue.

Now you can begin installing new Cherry MX Blue switches onto your keyboard. Start by placing each switch squarely into its designated socket; then take a few pieces of solder and apply them lightly around each connection point between the pins and their corresponding contact pads on your keyboard’s circuit board. Once all of these connections have been made securely but carefully, use some extra desoldering braid or flux if needed for further cleaning purposes – just make sure not to overdo it so as not to damage components or cause a short circuit in your circuitry!

After everything is set up correctly, you’ll want to double-check that all connections are secure by testing out each Cherry MX Blue switch individually with an appropriate voltage meter (or multimeter). A successful reading should indicate continuity between each pin contact point and its corresponding contact pad on the circuit board – if there is none then simply resolder those connections until they become electrically continuous again!

Installing Cherry MX Blue switches into your mechanical keyboard may seem like an intimidating task at first glance – but with careful preparation, attention to detail during installation, and proper testing afterward, anyone can do it themselves in no time at all! With just a few simple steps and some patience you’ll be able to breathe new life into your beloved mechanical keyboard without having to worry about spending too much money or effort on repairs or replacements down the road.



Cherry MX Blues are a great choice for those looking to upgrade their mechanical keyboard. Installing Cherry MX Blue switches into your keyboard can be done with precision and patience, using the right tools such as a soldering iron, solder, and desoldering braid. With careful preparation and attention to detail during installation you’ll be able to get your Cherry MX Blue switches up and running in no time at all. This will ensure that your beloved mechanical keyboard is back up-and-running without having to worry about spending too much money or effort on repairs down the road!

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