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Custom Mechanical Keyboards: A Guide for Beginners



Are you looking to take your typing experience to the next level? Custom mechanical keyboards are the perfect way to do that. Custom mechanical keyboards offer a range of features designed specifically for gamers and typists who want superior performance. With custom mechanical keyboards, you can choose from various switch types, customize keycaps, and even program macros into your keyboard for enhanced productivity.

If you’re new to the world of custom mechanical keyboards, this guide will help get you started on finding the right one for your needs. From exploring different switches to understanding how macro programming works, this guide will provide all the information needed so that users can make an informed decision when buying their first custom mechanical keyboard.

Custom Mechanical Keyboards

What are Custom Mechanical Keyboards?

Custom mechanical keyboards are an exciting and growing segment of the keyboard market, offering users increased performance, durability, and customization. Custom mechanical keyboards provide several advantages over their traditional counterparts such as increased longevity due to individual key switches that are designed to last up to 50 million keystrokes; improved tactile feedback from mechanical switches that can be tailored to your exact preferences; and a wide range of customization options including a variety of switch types, LED backlighting, custom keycaps and wrist rests.

The ability to customize your keyboard is one of the major benefits offered by custom mechanical keyboards. Customizable features include types of key switches (linear vs non-linear), force required to actuate each switch (measured in grams-force), lighting styles, unique keycaps with different designs or materials and more. Custom mechanical keyboards also come with built-in macro programming capabilities so you can assign specific tasks (such as launching applications) to different keys on your keyboard for easy access.

In addition to customizable features, custom mechanical keyboards also offer superior performance compared to traditional rubber dome keyboards. Mechanical switches require less force to actuate than rubber domes and allow for faster typing speeds due to their shorter travel distance when pressed. They also create a quieter typing experience with fewer audible clicks per key press.

Lastly, custom mechanical keyboards are typically much more durable than conventional models due to their higher quality components and construction methods. Customization options such as sturdy aluminum frames and water resistant gaskets help protect against potential damage from spills or dust particles while still allowing you access all the benefits of a high-end gaming or typing device.

Customizable features such as replaceable keycaps make it easy for users to personalize their setup without having to take apart the entire keyboard for cleaning or replacement parts.

Overall, custom mechanical keyboards offer powerful performance, extreme durability and unparalleled customization options that can’t be found on traditional models – making them an attractive choice for gamers, typists, streamers or anyone looking for a top-of-the-line keyboard experience!

Benefits of Custom Mechanical Keyboards

Custom mechanical keyboards have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, due to their superior typing experience and versatility. Custom mechanical keyboards are generally constructed with higher-quality components than more conventional models, making them well-suited for gaming and other heavy use activities. Custom keyboards offer many advantages over standard models, including greater durability, improved tactile feedback, higher levels of customization, and greater reliability.

The first major benefit to using a custom mechanical keyboard is the enhanced durability that they provide. Custom mechanical keyboards are usually made from metal or hard plastic components which are designed to be long lasting and able to withstand the rigors of daily use. Additionally, they often feature removable keycaps that can be washed or replaced if necessary. Customized keys can also be added easily which allows users to customize their keyboard layout more efficiently and conveniently.

Another important benefit that custom mechanical keyboards provide is improved tactile feedback for keystrokes. Custom boards feature switches with shorter actuation points which allow for faster input response times when typing or gaming. As such, users can type faster with greater accuracy as opposed to regular keyboards which tend to require longer finger strokes in order to register keystrokes correctly.

Additionally, the switches used in custom keyboards reduce fatigue by providing a softer resistance when pressing keys down rather than standard rubber domes found in regular models which require more effort to press down on the keys.

The next major advantage offered by custom mechanical keyboards is their high level of customization options available. Custom boards typically come pre-configured with different key layout options depending on user preferences; this allows you to quickly create your own personalized layout without having to manually build one yourself. Customized layouts can also include specialized volume control buttons or special shortcuts that make it easier for users to perform certain tasks quickly and efficiently without having to search through menus or settings screens first.

Furthermore, custom boards often have backlighting options that enable users to adjust brightness levels or add color accents for better visibility during gaming sessions at night or in dimly lit environments.

Finally, another big advantage offered by custom mechanical keyboards is improved reliability over standard models due the increased quality components used in their construction and design process. Custom boards feature more durable materials such as aluminum alloys rather than traditional plastic parts found in cheaper models; this makes them more likely to last longer even after heavy use on a regular basis over time periods of multiple years rather than just months like most normal models do due their inferior design features and construction materials used for them.

Furthermore, since each component used within these types of boards is uniquely crafted for its specific purpose; this reduces the risk of any single component failing prematurely due wear & tear associated with normal daily usage compared with cheaper models whose parts are oftentimes generic across multiple brands & manufacturers alike leading them not being designed robustly enough so they wear out faster unlike those featured within custom boards instead .

Overall, investing into a custom mechanical keyboard provides numerous benefits such as enhanced durability & tactile feedback as well as higher levels of customization & reliability compared with regular models available on the market today; making them excellent choices especially when it comes down towards heavy usage scenarios where performance & responsiveness are absolutely paramount regardless if it’s simpler activities such as typing up documents regularly or advanced intensive tasks requiring high precision control like gaming heavily throughout the day constantly .

Different Types of Custom Mechanical Keyboards

Custom mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular amongst tech enthusiasts and gamers alike. Custom mechanical keyboards offer a wide variety of features and options that allow users to customize their keyboard experience, such as custom keycap sets, special switch types, LED backlighting, and more. Custom mechanical keyboards come in various shapes and sizes, all with distinct features that make them unique.

The most common type of custom mechanical keyboard is the full-sized keyboard with 104 keys. This type of keyboard offers a plethora of features such as programmable macro keys, RGB backlighting effects, and dedicated multimedia keys. Some also feature Cherry MX switches for a smooth typing experience. Custom keycaps can be used on this type of keyboard to further customize its look and feel – from subtle matte colors to eye-catching designs with characters or symbols printed on them.

Another popular type is the tenkeyless or TKL board which comes without the numerical keypad section, allowing for a smaller footprint while still having all the essential keys present. Tenkeyless boards are great for gamers who prefer to use minimal desk space when gaming or want something more portable than a full size board. They usually feature similar features as full size boards but in a much more compact form factor making it ideal for LAN parties or other scenarios where users need to bring their own setup along.

Finally there are 60% boards which are even more compact than TKL boards but still have a majority of standard keyboard functions available through use of layers and modifier keys in combination with other keys on the board itself. Custom keycap sets can really add some flare to these boards since they often come with very specific layouts compared to most standard keyboards giving you plenty of rooms for creativity in terms of looks and design choices too!

No matter what kind of custom mechanical keyboard you choose, you’ll get an improved typing experience thanks to the high quality switches that provide tactile feedback every time a key is pressed down.

Customizable backlight effects add extra flair adding vibrancy when used in dark environments like LAN events – definitely making your setup stand out from the crowd! Custom mechanical keyboards also offer durability due to their solid construction so you won’t need to worry about them breaking easily like some cheaper membrane keyboards out there do. And lastly they generally look much sleeker than their standard counterparts giving any setup an elegant touch while providing great performance at the same time!


How to Choose the Right Custom Mechanical Keyboard for You?

Choosing the right custom mechanical keyboard can be a difficult process, as there are many factors to consider in order to get the best possible experience. Custom mechanical keyboards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and each type has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Custom mechanical keyboards have become popular due to their durability, accuracy, greater speed and comfort when typing.

The first step in choosing the right custom mechanical keyboard is determining what type of keyboard you need. Custom mechanical keyboards come in three main types—ergonomic, laptop-style and tenkeyless (TKL). Ergonomic keyboards are designed for comfort during long periods of use, while laptop-style keyboards are more compact in size and TKL keyboards are miniaturized versions of full-size keyboards. Depending on your needs, one type may be better than another for your specific purpose.

After selecting the type of keyboard you need, you can start considering other features such as switches or keysets that will affect your overall experience with the custom mechanical keyboard. Custom mechanical keyboards feature different switch options depending on how hard you want to press down on them, which can range from linear to tactile switches. Linear switches provide no feedback when pressed while tactile switches give more resistance that lets you know when a key has been pressed all the way down. Additionally, some manufacturers allow users to customize the color of their keysets so they can match their desired look or style preference.

Another important feature to consider is backlighting support which is helpful for those who typically work at night or under low light conditions. Customizable macro keys let users assign shortcuts to specific commands or functions that they commonly use while gaming or working. Furthermore, adjustable actuation points help improve accuracy when typing by setting up an amount of pressure needed before registering a keystroke; this prevents accidental double presses from occurring as well as reduces typists’ finger fatigue over time.

Lastly, it is important to research what other features each brand offers and compare prices before making a purchase decision on a custom mechanical keyboard since some brands may offer additional features or special discounts for bigger purchases such as headsets or mice bundles. Doing this will ensure that customers get exactly what they need for their budget without sacrificing quality performance or features that could enhance their overall gaming/typing experience with the new custom mechanical keyboard.

Setting Up Your Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Having your own Custom Mechanical Keyboard is a great way to upgrade your gaming experience and improve your typing speed. Setting up your Custom Mechanical Keyboard may seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually a fairly straightforward process. The first step is to make sure you have all the components necessary for assembly, including the keycaps, a plate, PCB (Printed Circuit Board), switches, and stabilizers.

Once you have all the pieces, it’s time to assemble them. If you have already invested in a Custom Mechanical Keyboard kit, then there should be instructions included that guide you through the assembly process. For those who are starting from scratch or just want an extra level of control over their custom build, there are several resources available online that provide detailed instructions on how to assemble Custom Mechanical Keyboards.

Next comes the switch installation process. This is usually the most difficult part of Custom Mechanical Keyboard assembly because it requires some amount of skill and precision in order to ensure all the switches fit correctly into the PCB holes. To help with this process, many Custom Mechanical Keyboards come with dedicated switch pullers that allow for easier removal and installation. This can make things much simpler as compared to using pliers or other tools that might cause damage to the keyboard components during installation.

Another important step during Custom Mechanical Keyboard assembly involves lubing and inserting stabilizers into their corresponding holes on the plate or PCB board. Stabilizers reduce noise from keyspresses by buffering any movement between two keys when pressed simultaneously. Applying lubricant to stabilizer stems helps reduce friction when activating multiple keys simultaneously and makes it easier for users to press down on larger keys like enter or shift without excessive force.

Finally, once everything has been assembled and installed correctly onto the Custom Mechanical Keyboard frame, it’s time for keycap installation! This final step is fairly straightforward as well – simply fit each keycap onto its respective stem on top of each switch until they’re all secured in place. Having your own Custom Mechanical Keyboard now means you can enjoy an improved typing experience with faster response times while also showing off your own personality through its unique look and feel!


Tips and Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Custom Mechanical Keyboard

Custom mechanical keyboards offer an unparalleled level of control and responsiveness when typing, gaming, or programming. They’re highly customizable and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and switch types to suit your individual needs. If you’re looking to get the most out of your custom mechanical keyboard, here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind:

1. Customize Your Layout: Custom mechanical keyboards often have a variety of options for key layout and placement. Customizing your layout will help you maximize comfort and efficiency when using your keyboard. You may want to take into account the size of your hands as well as any habits you may have developed with a previous keyboard before making any major changes.

2. Choose the Right Switches: Custom mechanical keyboards come with different types of switches that affect how they feel while typing or gaming. Some switch types are louder than others and some are more responsive than others. You should experiment with different types until you find one that works best for you–take into account how much noise you can tolerate and how sensitive you need the key presses to be for whatever task you’re doing on the keyboard.

3. Customize Your Keycaps: Custom mechanical keyboards also offer different options for keycaps, which give each individual key its own unique look while also providing extra grip during intensive gaming sessions or long typing stints. Depending on the type of custom keyboard you have (e.g., a Cherry MX Blue versus a Razer Green), there might be more options available for certain switch types than others, so it’s always good to do your research before making any decisions about which keycaps to purchase.

4. Consider Investing in Wrist Rests: Custom mechanical keyboards tend to be taller and more prominent than standard laptop keyboards due to their thicker profile, so many users find it helpful to invest in wrist rests for added comfort during extended use periods. The availability and style of wrist rests varies depending on the model of custom keyboard; however, most models feature adjustable angles or heights that make finding the right fit easier than ever before!

5. Utilize Macro Keys: Custom mechanical keyboards often come equipped with macro keys that enable users to assign specific commands or functions to single keys at the press of a button–essentially allowing them to create shortcuts directly on their keyboard instead of relying solely on software solutions like hotkeys or macros associated with specific programs/applications (e.g., Adobe Photoshop). This feature is particularly useful for gamers who need quick access to certain functions or commands while playing complex games such as real-time strategy titles like Starcraft II or simulated sports simulations like FIFA 17/18/19 etcetera…

6. Adjust Lighting Settings: Most custom mechanical keyboards include lighting settings that can be adjusted according to user preference; these settings range from basic single-color backlighting all the way up through full RGB color schemes capable of displaying millions of colors at once! This is another great way for users to customize their experience with a custom mechanical keyboard – being able customize not just how it looks but also what kind/how much light it emits allows users both form factor flexibility as well as functionality customization!

By utilizing these tips and tricks when setting up your custom mechanical keyboard, you can maximize efficiency while improving comfort levels by personalizing its design & features specifically tailored towards your own particular needs! Whether it’s gaming, coding, graphic design work—or anything else in between—you should now have all the tools necessary needed in order unlock maximum potential from your machine!



Custom mechanical keyboards are becoming increasingly popular with gamers, typists and anyone who wants a personalized typing experience. From the tactile feedback of different switches to customizing your own layout, there’s so much you can do with Custom Mechanical Keyboards that it’s hard not to get excited about them.

With this guide in hand, we hope you now have all the information needed to make an informed buying decision when considering Custom Mechanical Keyboards for yourself or as a gift. Whether you go for one of our recommended models or build your very own from scratch – enjoy exploring what these amazing devices have to offer!

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