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Cherry MX Speed Silver: Best Switch for Gaming

Cherry MX switch is world famous for various mechanical keyboard products. One of them is the Cherry MX Speed Silver, described as the fastest in the Cherry line. It combines low spring resistance with incredibly linear performance. No wonder it’s billed as a pay-to-play switch for every professional gamer.

Speed silver, also known as MX silver, has very fast reaction times. In addition, it moves at a high switching frequency, which makes it at least 40% faster than other standard Cherry MX switches. In terms of feel, they are very simple and comfortable to use, allowing users to perform a large number of functions before fatigue sets in.

In addition, the Cherry MX switches are as reliable as they come and are customized with unique precision. Therefore, in this article, we will make a detailed review of Cherry MX Speed Silver switches. Also, we will give you some suggestions on choosing switches and how to improve your switches. Please read on.

Cherry MX Speed Silver

Cherry MX Speed Silver Review

Type: Linear

Feel/Sound: Smooth and Quiet

Actuation Force: 45g

Bottom-Out Force: 80g

Actuation Distance: 1.2mm

Travel Distance: 3.4mm

Cherry MX Speed Silver is a linear switch, which means it is quiet, smooth, and consistent with each movement. Therefore, they are for those who like to play games on PC. In addition, their consistent keystrokes mean that you will use the High Accuracy feature to achieve higher accuracy. In this way, you can type the correct notes and remain competitive in the game.

A good linear switch can set the tone for any keyboard. In line with this, you should also remember that the wrong keyboard will bring bad luck to any keyboard. Cherry MX Speed Silver is more stable. It will also make a “bang” when you press the key halfway. Unlike other key switches, you do not have to touch the bottom. This makes them a reliable linear switch that can be placed under the keycaps.

In general, MX Silver is the same as other Cherry MX products. For example, it has the same 45g driving force as MX Red Devil. However, the starting point of 1.2mm protrudes. Cherry switches usually have a comfortable feel. Cherry MX Speed Silver follows this operation route. It provides a sense that all functionality is delivered as expected. They are also largely less loud, which means you can use them to perform many functions without feeling stressed.

With 50 million keystrokes, MX Silver follows in the footsteps of top switches. How many years do you need to maximize this? This may take more than five years! It is durable and provides the guarantee that most fans desire. Because your keyboard has been designed for precision and quality feedback, MX Silver will take it to the next level. It will add 100% reliability to fast typing, competitive games, and other top-level features.

Cherry MX really ensures the length of its switch through the tests it has carried out. For example, Cherry uses a variety of control tests that are very intense. Therefore, these switches can withstand extreme temperatures of – 40 °C to 180 °C. Although this has played a role in how they are transported to different destinations, a solid switch will certainly help.


Cherry MX Speed vs Cherry MX Red

Check out Cherry MX’s two most popular game switches, Cherry MX Silver Speed and Red. Both are linear switches. Compared with the click or tactile switch of a linear switch, there is no click or tactile collision when pressing keys. Instead, they have a smooth and easy button, while tactile feedback switches have resistance and generate noise.

The fastest switch is Speed Silver. They are 0.06 mm thinner than the Red, thus shortening their travel distance. The faster startup speed of Silver switch brings ideal differences to players who take games seriously and have to register many repeated commands.

However, although the red switch is also fast, some people prefer the slight delay of the Cherry MX red switch because it has a longer travel distance. This medium makes Cherry Red the most popular switch, but both types are great choices for games. Due to the shortened travel distance, many people find Speed Silver difficult to type because it can record strokes that are not text. On the other hand, because the red switch takes a little longer to activate the command, many people prefer to use it for input.

How to Improve Your Cherry MX Speed Silver

Lube the Switches

Lubricating oil is a good method to limit the degree of spring friction and scraping. Lubricating Cherry MX Speed can make the switch produce a smoother and better sound. When your speed linear switch is smooth, lubrication will bring it to another level. This is the best improvement you can make.

Before you lubricate Cherry MX Speed Silver, you should know that this is not a process and that you should make mistakes. If you are unfamiliar with certain steps, guidance in this area is important. Prepare lubricating oil and tools, and work in a cool and clean place. In either case, be consistent with the technology that applies to you.

Install Switch Film

The switch film is a piece of plastic or other material, such as rubber. It can be inserted between the top and bottom housing of the keyboard switch. Many switches and keyboards have minor defects in the manufacturing process. As a result, they may not fit perfectly into space. This is why some switches cause the keyboard to shake when you are working or playing games. What is needed is a switch film to keep it safer.

When installing the switching film, the switch can be kept stable. Just like eliminating the shaking, the clicking sound stops and I feel better. This process is more complex than lubricating the key switch. Therefore, you’d better follow some useful expert tips.

When the keyboard was manufactured, there were some minor deviations in the product, which made the switch unable to fit perfectly. This may cause additional jitter and movement while typing. To make them safer and more stable, you can install a film, which can reduce the knocking sound and make them feel better. We do not have a guide to this process, so we will link you to a very useful video. This process also requires you to open them so that we can show you our guide.


Factors to Consider When Buying Switches


The first thing you should consider is your environment. Why? Auditory feedback may be a determinant of your popularity in the office. The clicky switch will generate high pitched and loud “click” sound. When the game or typing speed is very fast, this kind of sound can be very annoying.

On the other hand, some people like to hear a click when typing, because it clearly indicates that someone has pressed a key. In addition, the Clicky switch brings a sense of nostalgia, because it is similar to the IBM computer keyboard in the 1980s. So when you decide to change, look around and consider the people around you, if any. Ask if they can hear the click of the new keyboard.

Tactile Preference

Most users will appreciate the slight impact of keys. However, not everyone likes the feeling when typing or playing games. If you belong to the latter category, it means you prefer the feeling of fluency. Both the tactile switch and the click switch have a bulge in the middle of the stroke.

Linear has a linear button that is almost invisible. In terms of typing and other functions, the tactile feedback of touch and click switch improves accuracy. If you like games, linear games will eventually be more meaningful. For example, MX Silver matches the keys. You can hit those keys violently.

Hand Size, Strength, and Typing Style

Compared with people with small hands, people with big hands are more likely to make mistakes. If this is the case, it is better to use the switch: The higher the activation point is 2mm or more, the farther the activation point is, the farther the activation key needs to be. Medium to heavy operating force 55cN and above, the higher the operating force, the higher the pressure required to start the switch.

You have a pair of big hands, but you are not a heavy typist. You are more advanced in typing and can hardly make mistakes. In this case, use the following switches: The medium to high activation point of 1.4mm is higher. Because you don’t click the error frequently, you can select a switch with a shorter activation point. Medium operating force 55 to 75cN. As a light typist, you can easily control the strength of your fingers. Therefore, a medium-pressure switch will be the correct amount.

Being an understatement typist also means that you won’t get the key to the end. Once you feel a bump in your journey, you can go to the next key point. Therefore, a switch with tactile and/or click feedback will be your preferred switch.

Now let’s take a look at those people whose hands are small to medium, whose typing is light, but they sometimes touch the bottom. What you need is a speed switch. With these switches, you have an advantage in game speed. But they are not only good for gamers.

These switches are also suitable for typing, as long as you don’t hit the keys. The shorter the activation point, the faster the key registration speed, which is conducive to fast and accurate typing. Finally, there are those who like to hit the keyboard. Switches with the following conditions are also required: Heavy to overweight operating force 75cN and above or speed switch, even if their operating force is very light, their short pole may still suit your typing style. Whenever you hit the bottom, they will give you a faster rebound.


1.Is Cherry MX Speed Silver good for gaming?

If there are faster switches than silver, they are few. It is not as popular as its siblings Cherry MX Reds and Browns, but what makes speed different is that it is player centered. This means that you will be very quick when you make the decision to win the game. In addition, with a 1.2mm driving force instead of the standard 2mm driving force, Silvers guarantees a fantastic experience.

This is why many players like the Cherry MX Speed Silver keyboard. Therefore, Cherry MX speed silver is very suitable for playing games.

2. Cherry MX Speed Silver vs Red Switches: What’s Better?

You can select any switch according to your preference and the purpose of using the keyboard.

For the application of these two switches, although Red Devil can be used in games, Cherry MX Speed Silver is a better choice. In contrast, in the case of typing, MX reds usually prefer typing to speed silvers.

Activation and total travel are the maximum differences between the two switches. There is no difference in sound. The overall feeling is the same before touching the bottom. The time required to touch the bottom is the main difference that users feel physically.

Cherry MX Speed Silvers are very suitable for players, allowing them to gain advantages with faster activation speed. For those who want a longer and possibly more satisfying distance to travel, red may be a better choice.


Cherry MX Speed Silver is a key switch that has been designed for speed and performance. It offers the same characteristics as Cherry MX Red, but with a shorter actuation point. This makes it ideal for gaming or typing at high speeds. If you’re looking for a fast, responsive keyboard switch, Cherry MX Speed Silver may be the perfect choice for you.

The Cherry MX Speed Silver also offers a smooth typing experience and a satisfying click sound when pressed. In this article, we have made a detailed review of Speed Silver, Also, we have given you some suggestions on choosing switches and how to improve your switches, if you are going to buy Cherry MX Speed Silver, I hope this article would be beneficial to you.

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