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blue switch

Blue Switch: One Of The Best Switches

Are you looking for the ultimate typing experience? If that’s the case, then blue switches are probably right up your alley. Used by professional gamers and typists alike, these tactile keys offer a satisfying clicking sound when pressed and have rapidly become some of the most popular input devices for gaming. In this blog post, we’ll explore why blue switches reign supreme in the keyboard world and provide guidance on selecting products that boast them. Read on to get all the know-how you need about blue switches!

blue switches

Introduction to Blue Switch

If your attraction to a mechanical keyboard starts with the sound of a loud and satisfying click, you won’t be the first. The blue switch is the best choice to solve this problem. Unfortunately, the blue switch is not always the best choice for players, especially those who are super competitive. For starters, the blue switch is designed to have a big tactile bump when you press a button to register, followed by a loud sound click to give you feedback.

The downside of tactile bumping is that it makes it more difficult to press the key multiple times in quick succession, giving it a fuzzy feel. Not to mention, the tactile sensation can be distracting at times. When you’re playing a game, you want a clear and consistent drive, so you know that your keys are registered the instant you press them. Using the blue switch, chatting with friends and teammates can be a nightmare.

We all have that friend who we can hear every word of their voice as they type. You don’t want to be that guy. The last thing you want to hear when you’re talking to a friend or trying to hear footsteps is the clicking of switches. For this reason, you should stay away from all click switches, not just the blue one.

Most blue, green, white, and purple options should be avoided because they all start in a similar way. Just because the blue switch isn’t the best choice for the game doesn’t mean you can’t use them. If you play a casual style of game or don’t like competitive scenes, you don’t need a perfectly optimized keyboard and Settings. For some games, transitions are more important than others.

For games, the best option is a linear switch. Therefore, red, black, and yellow switches will be your best choice. A smooth and consistent drive means you will have more control when you want to press a key quickly. Not to mention, the buttons are more reliable in any situation. Linearity is the best type of driver for games.

In the world of linear switches, there are many different kinds and options to choose from. Most keyboards have a red switch, which is the most common option, but there are also faster switches. First, you can look at linear optical switches. They are driven not by metal plate contact, but by light. This will save you milliseconds in the game.

Another option is a speed switch, such as Cherry MX Speed Silver. This switch has a shorter drive distance, so you don’t have to press too far to register. In theory, a shorter distance means you should have a slight advantage over others. There are many super dedicated switches that are optimized for gaming purposes, but if you just use linear switches instead of clicks, you’ll get 95% of the results.

As you start changing the drive type and lowering the drive distance, the switch becomes more and more uncomfortable. There are definitely trade-offs to using a switch optimized for the game. Ultimately, it comes down to your value on the keyboard, a great typing experience, or faster game switching.

blue switch

The Best Blue Switches Recommendations

Cherry MX Blue

Cherry MX Blue is currently the most popular click-blue switch on the market. Cherry MX Blue is known as a high-quality mechanical switch with very reliable build quality using high-quality components. Cherry MX Blue has also been tested and can last 100 million keystrokes.

Cherry MX Blue has a blue stem with a black housing on top. There is also cherry MX blue, which has a clear top shell and a cream or black bottom shell. To operate the Cherry MX Blue, you need 50g of power and 4mm of travel distance. Cherry MX blue feels light enough to handle.

Cherry MX Blue can provide typing feedback, is quite sensitive, and gives a very noticeable bump effect. The input is also very loud. If you want a really good quality, tested blue switch, Cherry MX Blue is the best choice you should use on your keyboard.

Kailh Box Blue

The Kailh BOX Blue switch is a click switch with a blue rod in the shape of a box. The stem design of the Kailh BOX Blue switch is known to be very dust resistant, making this stem very stable when pressed. The Kailh BOX Blue switch has a clear top housing and a cream bottom housing.

Operating the Kailh BOX Blue switch requires 65g of driving force and a travel distance of 3.6mm, which means the switch is quite heavy to operate. The Kailh BOX Blue switch is a switch suitable for people with large or heavy hands. The Kailh BOX blue switch can provide very bumpy typing feedback and the typing is quite loud. If you have large or heavy hands, the Kailh BOX blue switch is the right choice for you.

Gateron Blue

Gateron Blue is a blue switch known for its smoothness. Gateron Blue is a clone of Cherry MX Blue, but its version can provide a smooth typing experience. Gateron Blue features a blue stem design, clear top housing, and cream bottom housing.

To operate the Gateron Blue, 60g of driving power and 4mm of driving range are needed. The Gateron blue does require quite a heavy drive, but even though it’s heavy, the Gateron Blue feels smooth and responsive. The resulting input feedback also felt like clicking and jolting.


OUTEMU Blue Switch is a click blue switch sold at a very affordable price. This is a blue switch, perfect for those who have a small budget but want a good quality blue switch. The OUTEMU Blue switch has a blue stem design that is square and has notches on both sides of the stem. The OUTEMU Blue switch has a clear top housing and a black bottom housing.

Operating the OUTEMU Blue switch requires 50g of power and 4mm of travel distance, which means the switch is light enough to be responsive. The resulting bump and click feedback input is also synchronized with the click sound.

Logitech GX Blue

The Logitech GX Blue Switch is a very popular blue switch among gamers. The Logitech GX Blue Switch is known as a click blue switch that is very reliable for playing games. You can only find the Logitech GX Blue switch on the Logitech keyboard, as this switch is not sold separately. The Logitech GX Blue switch has a blue rod design, clear top housing, and black bottom housing.

To operate Logitech GX blue switch, 60 grams of the driving force is required and the travel distance is 4mm. In my typing experience with the Logitech GX Blue switch, I found the switch to be extremely light and responsive. Very bumpy typing feedback can also be felt when using the Logitech GX Blue switch and, of course, the resulting clicking sound is very loud.

Novelkeys X Kailh Box Pale Blue

The Novelkeys X Kailh Box Pale blue switch is a clickable blue switch designed especially for those with heavy hands, as the Novelkeys X Kailh Box pale blue switch requires 80 grams of the driving force and 4mm of driving distance to operate. The Novelkeys X Kailh Box pale Blue switch has a blue stem and a clear top housing and a cream bottom housing in the box shape.

Operating the Novelkeys X Kailh Box pale blue switch requires 80g of drive and 4mm of travel distance, which means the switch needs a hard drive, so it’s better for those with large, heavy hands. The Novelkeys X Kailh Box pale blue switch provides very bumpy click-typing feedback with very loud typing.

The Best Blue Switch Keyboards Recommendation

Razer Ornata Chroma Gaming Keyboard

If you’re a Razer fan, you’re going to love this keyboard. An excellent gift for any player, this includes an RGB chromaticity lighting system that sends RGB signals to the Razer synapse. The Razer Ornata Chroma is the world’s first RGB keyboard with a built-in OLED display for advanced visual effects and customization. Ornata Chroma offers up to 100 million colors to light up your keyboard in bright red, blue, or white, and can be customized by software or changed in real-time by the user.

Redragon K503 Gaming Keyboard

The keyboard market is highly competitive and expensive to compete with, so why not set a new standard for gamepads with Redragon’s K503 hybrid controller? The Redragon K503 hybrid gaming keyboard offers a better alternative to traditional keyboards and controllers, featuring more standard switches – more accurate and responsive than traditional gaming keyboards – combined with advanced multimedia controls reminiscent of a console controller and an easy-to-use mouse-style control scheme.

NPET K10 gaming Keyboard

Designed with an intuitive approach and intuitive setup, the NPET K10 gaming keyboard controller has several advantages that make it superior to other gaming keyboards. It has incredible sound quality, excellent ergonomics, and layout, and fits your hands and keyboard perfectly. Oh, yes! Even better! It’s even thinner than the other controllers, so you can have more room for everything else on the table.

KLIM Chroma Wireless Gaming Keyboard

KLIM Chroma Wireless Gaming Keyboard RGB red is the best all-around wireless keyboard. It features RGB lighting, excellent keyboard performance, and the best RGB backlight on the market. Even better, the keyboard has sRGB compatibility, so you can use it on a display with so little brightness that they’re almost useless for playing games. Since this keyboard is both wireless and a keyboard, there is no need to upgrade your computer to support the USB3 or any USB adapter.

E-YOOSO Mechanical Keyboard

E-YOOSO mechanical keyboard original high-quality blue switch, 50 million percussion life, 2.8mm driving distance, 65g driving force, faster response, and more elastic, crisp tapping sound let you enjoy the fun of spring typing. With high-quality ABS keycaps, excellent touch experience. With a compact 87-key design, the gaming keyboard provides faster gaming response while freeing up your desktop space and leaving more room for other work.

ZIYOU LANG MK21 Mechanical Gaming

This MK21 gaming keyboard is a small size keyboard with a 60% layout that allows you to have a neat desktop, a space-saving TKL design that retains all necessary keys, a long type c USB cable (about 1.6m /62.9 in) that provides more room for mouse movement and maximizes the use of your extra desktop space, Easy to carry or use anywhere, perfect for TPS/FPS players or daily use at home, at work or on the go.

This portable mechanical gaming keyboard can provide 14 different shades of RGB backlight effect, and 8 light colors, you can adjust the brightness, change the speed, or turn off the backlight as needed, and can also customize your own backlight according to your preferences, optimize the visual experience, more cool and fun, can enhance the competitive atmosphere of the game.

RGB game keyboard, using mechanical click blue switch, with an audible click sound and haptic feedback, click times up to 50 million times, long design life, fast response, durable, can meet your daily use and games in the sound and click clear demand, support full-key anti-glistening function, high-speed typing without conflict key work, more accurate.

blue switch


If you’re looking for a gaming switch that offers both precision and comfort, then blue switches are the way to go. They provide a satisfying click with every keypress and are ideal for fast-paced games. Not to mention, they look great too! In this post, we have recommended some best blue switches and keyboards with blue switches, hope this article would be helpful to you.

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