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Best Redragon K599 Keyboard

Introduction of Redragon K599 keyboard

The Redragon K599 gaming machine gaming wireless/wired battery life is up to 60 hours (LED is off) and 30 hours (LED is on), and you can easily switch between wired and wireless modes by plugging in the USB cable.

Small mechanical keyboard game Tenkey less TKL is equipped with custom dustproof switch line quiet click sound, fast action with minimum resistance without touch, in order to achieve maximum PC game performance.

RGB game mechanical game keyboard includes 18 different RGB lighting modes preset plus 1 programmable user mode 9 different colors and 6 different brightness backlight, accurate breathing speed, accurate keyboard design, and provides the clear and uniform backlight.

Anti-ghosting, all 70 keys are conflict-free keys with the latest game performance, no sliding ergonomics, and spatter design test has an adjustable typing angle, and the winning key can be disabled.

PC game keyboard is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support. Good compatibility with all major brands and games such as PC, Xbox, PS4, etc.

The Redragon K599



Model: the Redragon K599

Bundle Set: No

Warranty Duration: 12 Months

Warranty Type: Supplier Warranty

Gaming Focused: Yes

Operation Style: Mechanical

Language: English

Type: 2.4Ghz Wireless

Application: Desktop, Tablet, Laptop

Keyboard Standard: Mini Keyboard

Style: Multifunctional Keyboard, Ergonomics, Gaming, for Tablet, Laptop

Certification: CE, FCC

Package: Redragon Color Box

Model Number: K599-KRS

Interface Type: USB

Axis Body Brand: Gao Te

Wrist Support: No

Full-Size keyboard: Yes

Wired/Wireless dual mode 70 keys RGB mechanical keyboard

2.4 wireless technology for super fast report rate

Precise performance mechanical switch with long click life

High capacity built-in battery

RGB backlighting

Optimized 70 keys layout design

Wired and wireless dual mode connection for multiple devices

Works with software for the programmable setting

Design of the Redragon K599

The Redragon K599 is a wireless game console with a lifetime of 60 hours (LED off) and 30 hours (LED on).

Small mechanical gaming keyboard Tenkey without TKL custom switch mute line click, fast action and minimal resistance without touch, maximizing PC gaming performance.

Mechanical Game keyboard RGB backlight 18 different RGB current lighting modes plus 1 programmable user mode 9 different colors

Anti-ghost, 70 key is the latest performance of the game N-Volume key without conflict, anti-slip and anti-splash ergonomic symbols with adjustable keyboard Angle, you can disable the WIN key.

Compatible PC gaming keyboard Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support. The Redragon K599 works with all major brands and gaming computers, Xbox, PS4 and others.

In addition to wired and multiplayer options, the Redragon K599 keyboard also offers wireless connectivity possibilities thanks to a built-in USB receiver that operates in the 2.4ghz band. The built-in rechargeable battery of the Redragon K599 keyboard provides 350 hours of operation with the taillight off, while the time is reduced to 20 hours with the taillight on. When the battery is low, the taillight flashes.

redragon k599

If you like small keyboards, but don’t like 60% keyboards, the Redragon K599 keyboard is a good choice. It not only retains the small keyboard design ideas but also has a complete function. The Red Dragon K599 is made of plastic but it is strong. The Redragon K599 keyboard doesn’t bend and doesn’t make any strange noises. I can safely say that the Redragon K599 works better than the ones I’ve tested that cost twice as much. There are two universal support feet on the back of the Redragon K599 keyboard. The Redragon K599 keyboard uses ABS material of a two-color die key cap when using the feeling is very good. The battery lasts up to 60 hours when the backlight is not on, and about 30 hours when the backlight is on. The 2.4G wireless connection has no input delay and covers a very wide range. 15 to 20 feet away from the computer without any input delay while in use. So if you use the Redragon K599 keyboard in a large space like your living room computer or your home theater, you won’t have any problems.

Performance of the Redragon K599

By connecting a USB cable, you can easily switch between wired mode and wireless mode. A small mechanical game keyboard Tenkey less TKL with custom dustproof switch (cherry red equivalent) line quiet click sound, fast action and minimal resistance without touch, maximize PC game performance. RGB backlit mechanical game keyboard 18 different RGB lighting mode presets plus 1 programmable user mode 9 different colors and 6 different levels of backlight, accurate keyboard breathing speed design provides uniform crystal lighting.

Anti-ghosting, all 70 keys of the Redragon K599 keyboard are the latest game performance conflict-free keys, do not slip, ergonomic, anti-spatter symbols with adjustable keyboard angle, you can disable the win key. PC game keyboard compatibility Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Limited Mac OS keyboard support. Good compatibility with all major brands and games such as PC, Xbox, PS4, etc.

I’ve played a lot of games with the Redragon K599 keyboard and the Redragon K599 keyboard has always been very responsive and I’ve never had any problems with keyboard typing.

Compared with Others

SOLAKAKA SK961 60% wired mechanical keyboard has a C-USB cable and a Bluetooth interface. In wireless Bluetooth mode, you can easily switch 3 different devices to FN+Q/W/E mode and respond quickly. Bluetooth connections are multitasking and are widely compatible with Windows10/Macos10 and Up/iOS 13 as well as Up/Android 7ans Up and Linux systems. The cable connection works well on Windows/95, 98, ME, XP, Windows Vista/7/8/10, etc.

Classic 60% compact design] 61-key ultra-compact optical design allows you to have a neat desk. Mini perfect size, ergonomic design, low profile, providing more mobile space for the mouse. With all unnecessary keystroke cuts and more practical designs, it is suitable for all environments, such as travel, work, study and games. Keyless, portable, easy to carry, stable and powerful Bluetooth functions, non-slip pads, plugs and games.

[100% hot plug blue switch] Don’t you like the default design? Do you want to try another switch? Don’t worry, 100% mechanical switches and replaceable keyboard features can easily change keyboards and switches as you want. The newer Blue Switch– with typewriter-style reminds you of the first feel of a mechanical keyboard, with unparalleled clichĂ© feedback, and refreshing touch. NKRO and all key anti-ghosts ensure that your commands are the most accurate in any use.

[20 cool RGB backlight effect] Optical machine keyboard can provide 20 kinds of RGB rainbow adjustable chrome backlight, with real breadth and effect, and 8 kinds of lighting color. Use FN+ to choose your ideal mode and freely adjust the brightness and brightness speed. Turn on some colored, customizable lights to get rid of your melancholy. Compatible with iPad, PC, Mac, notebook, computer, iPhone, smartphone, MacBook Pro, tablet, Xbox, PS4 and other devices.

[1 Rechargeable Battery] The battery capacity of the Bluetooth mechanical reverse order keyboard is 60% of most other keyboards without many different wavelengths. Mechanical Smart Keyboard Keyboard can last 232 hours waiting time, 124 hours full color and monochromatic light, 13 hours full color and monochromatic light, 8.6 hours in wireless Bluetooth mode, the keyboard has power saving function, 3 minutes without smart enter a level, enter the smart sleep after 30 minutes, and effectively consume electricity.

Redragon K617, 60% Cuddle Keyboard and 2-Color Coverage: The Redragon 60% Keyboard is in Cuddle mode with a new hybrid keyboard layout in 2-color. The ultra-compact 61-key, with a new color key cap, frees up valuable office space with dynamic elements.

Customized for Professionals: Expand your options with the software available to design your own new models and effects found at Redragonshop. Macros work and play more efficiently with different key bindings or shortcuts.

For FPS players: Place the keyboard properly on the desktop, no more twisting to save mouse space, your mouse will no longer click on the keyboard. Enjoy carefree mouse waves and eliminate team murders.

Vibrate RGB: Up to 20 preset luminaire modes are available from the keyboard for free. Brightness and flow rate can also be adjusted on the machine. Select your preferred playback mode.

Slim Fresh K617: New Redragon 60% armed keyboard, fresh style, affordable. Compact 61 keys, with selected keys, designed for FPS players and effective.

Thanks to its compact and minimalist design, this keyboard will fit on any desktop while saving space for your mouse during games. The keyboard is available in two colors, pink and white or gray and white.

The keyboard design is simple, and you can choose a keyboard with two color combinations, whether it’s pink and white, gray or white.

RGB is also good, as is keyboard lighting. RGB can be customized by using keyboard function keys or using Redragon software.

Redraon K630, 60% Layout in Wired: The new Redragon 60% design in Wired mode is only due to popular demand. The ultra-compact and minimalist design of the NKRO 61 keys frees up valuable office space and reduces clutter.

Red Hot Switch: Most silent, linear and soft-key mechanical switches make every click easy to record. Heat exchanger and other remelting switches. Durable switches cost 50 million keys.

Vibrate RGB: Up to 13 backlight modes can be freely selected by the keyboard itself. Brightness and flow rate can also be adjusted on board. Choose the mode you like best.

Customizable Professional Software: Use the available software to extend your options to design your own new modes and effects found at Redragonshop. Macros work and play more efficiently with different key bindings or shortcuts.

Designed for FPS players: Place the keyboard on your desktop correctly and not in a twisted way to save mouse space and your mouse will never hit the keyboard again. Have fun without worrying about shaking the mouse and killing the team.

Redragon Dragon Born K630 is an excellent economical mechanical gaming keyboard with rigid quality. From the quality of keycaps and backpad, you can see that Redragon K630 is bulit for persistent use. It’s hot-swappable, meaning you can change the switch as you want to get a better personalized feelling. In addition, all of its keys are macro-programmable, and you can even press the keys to customize the RGB backlight, and the RGB back light is brilliant.

The keycaps and switches can easily be swapped out with the included key and switch puller. The keys themselves also feature N-key rollover, which allows your keypresses to be detected simultaneously no matter how many keys are pressed at the same time. For safety, the K630 also features a spill-proof design so you don’t need to be afraid to keep drinks nearby during a session. The K630 connects to your PC via a Type-C cable for the best performance as it transfers data quicker than a traditional USB cable.

K552 Redragon RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, the Led comes with molded keycaps offering crystal clear backlighting and lettering. Featuring rainbow light, 5 lighting modes, 5 backlight brightness, user programmable.

Compact mechanical gaming keyboard Redragon k552 , ten key less Small compact with dustproof, mechanical red switches, linear switches, clear clicking sounds, fast action with minimal resistance.

Rainbow LED RGB Backlit Mechanical USB Gaming Keyboard has 19 Different Lighting Effects and Game Modes. 2 User-Definable Modes, 6 Colors Multiple Brightness Levels Breathing Speed ​​Precision-designed keycaps provide crystal-clear uniform backlighting.

Ergonomically Designed Steel Series Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, High-quality, durable metal ABS construction with board-mounted mechanical keys and switches to stand up during even the most tested marathon gaming sessions

Anti-Ghosting All 87 keys conflict-free key rollover with 12 multimedia keyboard keys and non-slip Ergonomic splash-proof design with gold-plated high-speed anti-corrosion USB connector for reliable connection.

Compatible with windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, windows vista or windows xp, limited mac os keyboard support for all major computer brands and gaming PCs

If you need a backlit RGB mechanical keyboard but don’t want to spend too much money, the Redragon K552 is one of the best options.

The Redragon K552 is small, but it is a great choice for playing and typing. Its custom switch is comparable to Cherry Blue, with haptic feedback and maximum durability. The high quality wellbore will ensure the long life of the Redragon K552.

The double injection-molded lock design allows for proper red backlighting. Users can adjust the brightness Settings according to their needs.

The keyboard uses a metal plate as a base for the keys. It contributes to the fixed durability as well as air quality of the aluminum base. All keys are ghost proof, including 10 multimedia keys.


The Redragon K599 wireless keyboard uses innovative 2.4G interference technology to reduce keyboard input latency and respond efficiently, stably and quickly, both in the office and in games. With a life of up to 60 hours when the LED is off and 30 hours when the LED is lit, the Redragon K599 keyboard can be configured wirelessly through a built-in converter. Switch to a cable connection using a type C cable.

Small mechanical keyboard game Tenkey less TKL with custom dustproof switch, line mute sound click, fast action, minimum resistance, no touch, to achieve the highest performance of PC games.

The Redragon K599 wireless RGB backlit mechanical game keyboard has 18 different preset RGB lighting modes and 1 programmable user mode, as well as 8 independent colors and 6 levels of backlight brightness.

All 70 keys of the Redragon K599 keyboard are a conflict-free n-key bearing to achieve the ultimate performance, ergonomic anti-skid, anti-splash design, with an adjustable percussion angle. You can disable the Win key.

The Redragon K599 is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, limited support for Mac OS keyboards. Applicable to all major PC brands of computers and games, such as Xbox, PS4, etc.

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