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Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 Keyboard Review

If it is necessary to choose the most innovative peripheral brand, then I should raise my hands to vote for AKKO. Today I’m here to review and popularize one of the Akko 3108-keyboards series (full-sized keyboard) with its array of keyboards.

Akko’s Products

Akko 3108

AKKO’s innovative keyboards include not only themed keyboards such as “Dragonball Z” “Doraemon” and “Hello Kitty” but personalized color-scheme keyboards such as Macaw, Tokyo, Matcha Red Bean, Ocean Star, Silent, Neon, Sakura Jelly, Horizon, Steam Engine, Mirror of the sky, Monet’s Pond, Midnight, etc.

The appearance of the AKKO keyboard greatly meets the needs of the majority of players with different tastes and personalities, and at the same time, AKKO also launched multitudes of unique configurations, including 108-keys, 98-keys, 96-keys, 84-keys, 61-keys, 68-keys keyboard, which acquires double success in the appearance and configuration.

No matter how much you know about the mechanical keyboard, you can find a preferred keyboard in AKKO’s huge mechanical keyboard product line.

AKKO uses the Cherry Mx switch and introduces the Gateron switch, TTC switch and even Gateron CAP gold yellow switch and other rare switches. In addition, it actively developing its independent switch, which has both a good feeling and cost so which reduces the keyboard’s price.

AKKO includes many outstanding models and styles.

Introduction to Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 Keyboard

This Akko 3108 V2 World Tour-Beijing is very represented in AKKO’s innovative products.

Its world tour series keyboards regard the landscape of the world’s famous cities as design inspiration. Take this AKKO 3108 V2 World Tour-Beijing as an example. It integrates the familiar Forbidden City into the keyboard and takes the architecture as its core, recreating the unique sacred animals in the Forbidden City.

Users can appreciate the profound culture of the Forbidden City from the keyboard. Akko has defined this product as a way of cultural transmission, and it is the role that is different from other keyboard suppliers.

In terms of mechanical keyboard products, I can actually only be considered a junior enthusiast. Generally speaking, I usually use the keyboard to write an article. the laptop keyboard is too difficult to use, so I have bought several keyboards, some of which are suitable and sold to others.

After all, now the mechanical switch and color scheme are so charming that I can not give up. As for the cost, I still can compensate by selling the keyboards which have been used. And then I can continue to buy new keyboards over and over and over again.

This time we introduce Akko 3108 V2 World Tour-Beijing keyboard to you. This World Tour series had a Sakura Pink color scheme that captured the hearts of many girls.

Yeah, the above picture is the AKKO 3108 World Tour-Tokyo keyboard. The main element is the Sakura Pink color scheme, and the cats in the keypad area and the carp flag on the Enter key are all cute. And after a long time, Akko released the 3108 World Tour-Beijing keyboard again.

And now, let’s take a look at how this Beijing-flavored keyboard feels.


The Akko keyboard model is actually very simple to identify, 3108, 3087, 3084, and 3068, respectively representing the number of keys. And this time the Beijing elements are used in the Akko 3108 V2 World Tour-Beijing Keyboard.

The walls are red, the tiles are yellow and the stone is gray. The packaging of the World Tour-Beijing is full of the palace flavor of the Forbidden City.

The entire package uses a red tone and the fonts are gold stamping, which visually seems to have a close relationship with the graceful and noble Forbidden City.

On the back of the keyboard, you can see some parameters and basic information about the keyboard, but it is confusing why all information uses English.


Accessories of Akko 3108 V2 World Tour-Beijing keyboard are very rich, including dust cover *1, manual *1, cat claw key puller*1, USB-Type-C cable*1(1.6m), five-sided dye sublimation space keycap *1. Legend has said it that there are many cats in the Forbidden City, so is the cat claw key puller on behalf of the master of the Forbidden City?



Model: 3108

Size: 44cm*14cm*41cm

Weight: approximately 1.2kg

Keycaps: 85% PBT material

Switch: AKKO CS Sakura Switch/Akko blue/ orange/pink Switch

Profile: OEM

Printing Technology: Dye-sublimation

Interface: Type-c

Win lock: Support

Macro: AKKO Macro V1.0

Backlit: No backlit/Support Led Mod by users with preserved LED slots



Then it is the Akko 3108 World Tour- Beijing V2 Keyboard. Its color is graceful and luxurious, and I even think it can ward off evil spirits placing it at home. The keyboard has three colors.

As we all know, red walls and yellow tiles are the iconic color of the Forbidden City. Red represents fire and yellow earth. In traditional Chinese culture, people think that fire can create earth and yellow is the royal color, thus red walls surrounding the yellow Palace symbolize the royal family thriving.

Correspondingly, the keyboard’s shell is carmine red. A low-profile appearance conveys the calm and introspective trait advocated by Chinese culture. China has been honored by yellow since ancient times and the Forbidden City’s yellow glazed tile is the royal color.

Eight keys include function keys and arrow keys using yellow as an ornament, improving the keyboard’s noble image. As the core of the Forbidden City architecture, the colored drawing is used on the product as the main color scheme.

Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 keyboard also restores these two color schemes-ultramarine and green pigment made of malachite as much as possible, making the keyboard distinctive. And then Forbidden City is succinctly outlined on the keyboard. The colored drawing is the finishing touch to the Forbidden City, while ultramarine and stone green two special colors make the Forbidden City charm.

The USB Type-c is separated from the Akko 3108 V2 World Tour Beijing keyboard, so you can take it with you. The cable is standard and made of black rubber, and both ends of its interface are plated to improve oxidation resistance and is added an anti-magnetic ring to improve signal transmission stability.


As mentioned above, the keyboard has 108 keys. Compared with the common 104-key keyboard, the Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 keyboard has another four function keys on its top right corner. The 4 function keys are above the numeric key area.

About the patterns on the four keys, I could not really distinguish what patterns they are until after reading the official introduction I found that they represent the hats of different officers, which is also a major feature of the Qing dynasty palace. As the elements of the Forbidden City, hair ornaments of royal women are also blended into the keyboard color scheme.

In Chinese culture, the “Five Blessings” include luck, fame, longevity, happiness and wealth, which are respectively corresponding to the bat, the deer, the crane, the magpie and the brave. And now, they are transformed into a dermatoglyphic pattern, replacing the traditional seven keys of Win, Ctrl, Alt and Fn. It is beautiful, and at the same time, minimizes the difficulty of use.

The enclosed five-sided dye sublimation space key is printed in the Jinluan Palace(the Imperial Palace) pattern, a symbol of imperial power and also the epitome of Chinese feudal culture.

All dark blue keys, up to 35 keys, of Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 keyboard, adopt a five-side dye sublimation process. The keycaps have 85% PBT material, dry, comfortable and oiled-resistant. If using the dye sublimation process, the keyboard’s color will be darker than that of the keycaps.


The royal family is the symbol of dragon and phoenix, so their patterns are necessary to appear on the Forbidden City-themed keyboard. You can see them on the top part of the numeric arithmetic symbols.

The numbers in the numeric key area and the ESC key are all designed in seal script. Maybe someone will say that it is not the prevailing script in the Ming and Qing dynasties and is not match the keyboard, but the “seal script” is more famous and historical.


The Enter key uses the bronze lion of Beijing’s Taihe Palace, the Shift key area is a pattern of a brave, and the top Backspace key is a magpie. Each function key has a different meaning.

The Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 keyboard’s four directional keys are also designed with ingenuity. They are the East of the Green Dragon, West of the White Tiger, South of the Vermilion Bird, and North of the Xuanwu.

As the largest space bar for each mechanical keyboard, Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 keyboard also comes with a replaceable space bar. It still shows a grand scene, the Imperial Palace in the snow.


Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 keyboard is still a very mainstream design, including the three-way outgoing slot, two-stage kickstand, and detachable cable.

It is worth mentioning that the keyboard’s design details in the detachable cable design are very thoughtful. It designs a slot the keyboard can be matched with the connection section of the wire.

In other manufacturers’ keyboards, the Type-c interface does not have the hidden design, resulting in the wire being often exposed and squeezed by the computer.

And Akko’s design basically circumvented these possibilities. Akko’s design basically avoids these possibilities. Akko’s design basically avoids the risk. The details are still very carefully considered by Akko.

Daily Use

As a user with several keyboards, I still recommend that you need a comfortable wrist pad, which can be made of wood or other materials. It can improve your hand feels. I mainly write some articles using the mechanical keyboard every day, and thus the importance of the wrist pad is obvious.

Attributed to the original Cherry switch, Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 keyboard has a great hand feel. Although these years the domestic switches have also gradually been used by many manufacturers, when it comes to the use of the Cherry switch, it is still one of the signatures of product quality assurance.

Two-segment foot support can be very good for different people’s using habits, I personally like a high-tilt keyboard, so I usually use the second stage of the bracket.

In fact, as a daily typing tool, the space bar is the key we use most as Chinese character input. It can directly affect the using experience. But Akko’s space bar is neither too loud nor loose. I originally thought that the appearance of this keyboard is the selling point, but found that the function and practical use are great.

The last is the cutest little Akko icon, which is engraved on one side and the Chinese name “艾酷” is also sealed script without the English name “Akko” font, which ensures the integrity of the entire keyboard of the Chinese Beijing elements.



Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 keyboard uses as many as 35 five-sided dye -sublimation keycaps, showing its sincerity. In terms of its edges, details including the pattern are very careful. With 85% PBT material, keycaps are durable, worn and oiled resistant.



In fact, one right keyboard for use is enough. The cherry switch is still my favorite choice.

Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 keyboard includes multitudes of switches, AKKO CS Sakura Switch/Akko blue/ orange/pink Switch meeting different user’s needs.

And next, I will show you their differences to help you make a better choice.

Akko blue switch: it is a clicky switch, suitable for people who like the clicky sound. Its bottom-out travel is 4.0mm, actuation point is 1.9mm and actuation force is 50gf. Akko orange switch: it is a tactile switch. Its bottom-out travel is 4.0mm, actuation point is 1.9mm and actuation force is 45gf. You can have obvious feedback.

Akko pink switch: it is a linear switch as well. Its bottom-out travel is 4.0mm actuation point is 2.0mm and the actuation force is 45gf.

I know the statistics may be confusing you, but the hand feels brought by each switch is indeed confusing. Different people have different feelings even if they use the same switch. But you can judge which one is more suitable for you according to their obvious differences.


Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 keyboard is not backlit, but it reserves a light slot and supports backlight mode. It supports N-key rollover, and Win key Lock. OEM-profile keycaps conform to the ergonomics, relieving your fatigue.


The Akko 3108 World Tour-Beijing V2 keyboard is equipped with common functions and provides more switches available. With divine and noble the Forbidden Palace, it is beyond many competitors. At the same time, the keyboard is precious to make more people know Chinese culture

Besides, now in the era of personality, nobody wants to use a plain mechanical keyboard. Akko3108 V2 Beijing mechanical keyboard is cheap and cost-effective. If you like Chinese style, and Chinese culture and are planning to buy a new mechanical keyboard, you can consider it.
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