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AKKO 3087 Mechanical Keyboard Review

Do you know what is a perfect color scheme? It is forest green, snow white and fire red. The combination of the three colors can be a cup of sweet but not greasy, refreshing Matcha Red Bean milk tea, but it also can be an inexpensive mechanical keyboard – Akko 3087 Matcha Red Bean Keyboard.

As one of the most dynamic peripheral brands, Akko constantly comes out with a variety of linkage and independent switches, which is really dazzling. This time Akko 3087 DS Matcha Red Bean is on a different path, using simple colors to create an extra sweet taste!

After taking the keyboard, in addition to its outstanding theme color, I found a custom Akko switch, thickened double-shot PBT and original replacement keycaps and others. It can be said to be a sincere, beautiful, cheap sweet keyboard in the peripheral industry.

Without further ado, let’s go straight to the point–Akko 3087DS Matcha Red Bean.

Packaging of Akko 3087 DS Matcha Red Bean Keyboard

The outer packaging of traditional design–a corrugated paper box with a sealing sleeve. Its main color is Matcha green. Only seeing the box, I seem to smell a refreshing smell. On the front of the box, there is the keyboard model, the logo of Akko, picture of the keyboard.

Akko 3087

On the back, it is printed the Matcha Red Bean keyboard Specification. The V2 on it represents the keyboard is used Akko second generation of the independent switch and at the same time, it includes some of the keyboard’s basic information in English such as length, width, height, weight, link, etc. Also, it deliberately marks the keycap material process and height.


This layer of packaging is just a “shell” and the real box is wrapped in it. After pulling out the inner black box and opening it, we can see the keyboard.

The keyboard itself is wrapped in a protective sleeve, with a plastic dust cover attached to the keyboard. We continue to take out the keyboard. The rest of the included accessories are stored in a separate compartment of the box.


The accessories are rich with a wire keycap puller, a hook and loop fastener with a logo, and 20 custom replacement keycaps. The keyboard itself is like a cup of well-mixed milk Matcha, and custom keycaps are like Red Beans, which users can add keycaps according to their taste. The Type-c cable is about 1.5m long and is the same green color as the keyboard shell.

Akko 3087 Matcha Red Bean keyboard has a green cover. Two colors white and green are separated in different areas, which is like a Matcha tea covered with white milk flowers at first sight. 5fbb64c06f2062610

The instructions are a bit thick, which is a total of 18 pages except for the cover. But only 9 pages are useful because the other 9 pages are exactly the same content. Half of the instruction is in English and the other half is in Chinese.

Akko 3087 DS Matcha Red Bean Keyboard

The shell mold should still be 3087 series and only changed the color scheme. The shell as a whole did not have any obvious flaws and is more delicate. From the side of the Akko 3087 Matcha Red Bean keyboard, you can find the upper shell is a little narrower than the bottom shell. Three indicators represent Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, and Wins Lock respectively.

Akko 3087 Matcha Red Bean keyboard adopts the design of a medium-width bezel and the height between the upper cover and the positioning plate is pressed lower, which is close to semi-suspension.

Thickened PBT keycaps utilize a double shot process and enjoy an original height. The keycaps and the upper cover are consistent in terms of their color. The white keycap is creamy white. The color of the additional 20 keycaps is the same as adzuki beans.

The initial keyboard is just like a Matcha drinking and after being replaced with additional keycaps, the keyboard becomes a Matcha red bean milk tea.


A little grain on the keycap surface is fine but the frosted feeling is obvious. The keycaps are dry and elaborate with exquisite printing.

On the back of the Akko 3087 Matcha Red Bean keyboard, there are four non-slip pads, which are symmetrically distributed to four corners. Two-tier keyboard stands with three different heights, 5 °, 7.5 ° and 11 °, respectively. The keyboard comes with a tilted stand with two levels of adjustable heights to personalize your typing experiences.


As usual, the keyboard comes with a green Type-C interface for wide compatibility and convenient use. The cable can be detachable, while the cable has three different ways so as to meet different users’ needs.

The size of the C-interface design is too small, and there is no small snap design like Mini USB or Micro USB, which result in most of the use of the C-interface connection line will loosen. But the Akko 3087 Matcha Red Bean keyboard’s interface is considerate.

The cable’s interface is big enough and a corresponding slot is designed on the bottom of the shell. It is the design that makes the connection very solid.

The label on the bottom shell is simply marked with some information, which is also an excellent way to hide the injection port.



It is worth highlighting the keycaps of the Akko 3087 Matcha Red Bean keyboard. Its keycaps are PBT double shot and made of 85% PBT material. Two-color keycaps of the Akko 3087 Matcha Red Bean keyboard are very good.

In terms of its basic workmanship, the keycaps are relatively thick and don’t deform and leak out light. In addition, the bottom edge of the keycap is quite flat. The surface of the keycap is frosted, but it is relatively delicate and comfortable to touch.

In terms of color scheme, Akko picked these two colors really is to make people look and feel the sweetness of Red Beans and the astringency of Matcha.

As for its fonts, they are durable and resistant to wear even for decades.



This keyboard mainly uses a Cherry switch and an Akko switch. There are Akko blue switch, Akko pink switch, Akko orange switch and Cherry brown switch, red switch, blue switch and silent red switch and other switch options.

The cherry switch is conventional and household in the peripherals industry. And I won’t introduce more about it. Next, we have a look at the Akko switch briefly.

Akko blue switch is a clicky switch with a strong mechanical sense. The switch brings you an obvious paragraph sense and a clear sound. It is suitable for people who like the clicky feel and type frequently.

Akko pink switch is linear with a slight sound. Its trigger force is small and smooth. It is not easy to be tired and suitable for typing and gaming. Akko’s custom Pink is close to the Cherry Red, but the former feels significantly moister, so the pressure is lighter and faster.

Akko orange switch has a little paragraph sense with moderate pressure. It is gentle and lies between the black switch and the red switch. It is the most popular switch, suitable for working and gaming.

My Akko 3087 Matcha Red Bean keyboard is equipped with Akko custom pink switch and a linear feel.

I can’t help complimenting the beautiful design of the pink switch core and transparent pink switch cover. And even the switch plate is never tired of looking at after removing the keycaps, which is like a Matcha Red Bean milk tea is added with rose.

Use Experience

The switch and its characteristics have already been described in more detail. In summary, it is close to the Cherry red switch but more “moist” and lighter than the latter. The large keys are crisp and clean, not too fleshy on the bottom.

The keys are not flimsy or wobbly, and there is no noticeable spring sound. The feel of the large keys is perfect. The satellite switch is also particularly stable in terms of large keys, smooth and silent.

The outer shell of the Akko 3087 Matcha Red Bean keyboard is all snap-on, so it can be opened just by a pry bar.


The Akko 3087 Matcha Red Bean keyboard contains conventional multimedia keys and has the function of key combinations to lock Win and reset. It doesn’t have a backlight but a reserved light slot so that you can directly add lights by yourself.

It also is equipped with a free drive AKKO macro V1.0 macro compilation system and N-key rollover function to ensure a dull button and no punch.

The cable can be separated from the keyboard with a stable hand feel, which is suitable for gaming and typing. The custom Akko pink switch is light and fast. For one thing, it will bring a more relaxed experience. For another, it will also bring a little “inertia” to the game.


The combination of Matcha and red bean is a classic and popular ingredient that balances bitterness and sweetness. The contrast also creates great visual pleasure with red as decorative color on top of the refreshing and natural Matcha green.

Excellent appearance, the wonderful hand feel and practical functions have the potential to make you mistake it for decoration. However, the fact proved that it is a highly cost-effective keyboard.

Whether made into iced drinks in summer or winter into hot tea, it can bring the perfect experience. In addition, the attached 20 replaceable keycaps are a lot more playable. The most crucial thing is that the price is 106 dollars.

1. The color scheme is very successful. From inside to outside and front to back, every part and detail is close to the theme. And the innovation in the color scheme is wonderful.

2. Akko custom switch can be said a be pretty and intelligent keyboard.

3. Large keys feel excellent.

4. Cost performance is outstanding.

If your budget is around 100-200 dollars, and you have an interest in the color scheme of Matcha Red Bean, buying Akko 3087 Matcha Red Bean keyboard is a very good choice.

But if you don’t like the color scheme, Akk0 3087 keyboard still has World tour Tokyo, Monet’s pond, Horizon, Ocean Star and other themed keyboards. All of its color schemes is very exquisite and every keyboard is practical and excellent.

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