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Ajazz k870T Probably the Best Entry Level Mechanical Keyboard

Introduction to Ajazz k870T

Mechanical keyboards have always been the first choice of gamers, but they are often prohibitive because of their high price. Today I would like to introduce everyone Ajazz K870T mechanical keyboard which features hot shaft roller body volume, dynamic RGB lights, lighting control, dual connecting mode, including bluetooth + cable. Ajazz K870T can switch between three equipments at the same time. It is also multi-system compatible with rich configuration. Ajazz k870T also has the extremely high playability, and the price is controlled within three hundred RMB. It is absolutely the right choice of entry-level mechanical keyboard.

Ajazz K870T


Brand: Ajazz

Product Model: K870T

Battery capacity: 2000mAh rechargeable lithium

Long lasting battery (No Backlit Condition: 100 hrs Usage, 360 hrs Standby) 2000mAh

Connectivity: Type-C Transmission mode: USB cable and Broadcom Bluetooth 5.0

Product dimension: 362*134*34.5mm±0.5

Weight: 880g±10g

Wire: 1.6m braided wire

Matrix: Wired mode supports all keys and no flushes

Backlight: RGB luminescence (18 light effects)

18 Themes of White LED Lights to Choose

Key layout: 87-key compact

Wireless Keyboard (Bluetooth)

Dual mode : Bluetooth and Wired (Type-C)

Compact style 87 keys

Connect to 3 different devices instantly (3 Preset bluetooth connected devices memory)

Compatible to all bluetooth devices (Laptop, iPad, Mobiles, Tablets, PC, etc)

Supports Android, WindowsXP/7/8/10, Mac OS

Full Mechanical RED Switch (Quiet Comfort Typing)

Lightweight and Portable

Braided cable 1.5M

Double Shot ABS Keycaps

Innovative Roller Button Control

*NON HOTSWAP PCB – This keyboard is not hot-swappable*

AJAZZ K870T BT3.0 Wireless/Type-C Wired (Dual) RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Key Features

The K870T has 87 keys and make full use of each space. You have arrow keys and other basic keys. It was designed for Mac and Wins systems, switching from one system to the other at the push of a button. This size saves a lot of office space, gives your right hand and mouse more room, and it works perfectly whether you’re working, playing, or using it every day. Small on the outside, big on the inside.

Bluetooth wireless/wired mode for up to 3 devices. Design Bluetooth mode and dual wired mode, you have more choices. Bluetooth3.0 is stable and reliable, and the transmission distance can reach 10 meters. It can connect 3 devices at the same time, just press FN+Q/W/E to switch between devices, easy to operate, suitable for work and entertainment. In addition, Wired mode also charges the keyboard at the same time, which is a cool feature and saving time of charging.

N-Key Rollover and Built-in 2000mAh Battery. This model is programmed to be N-key rollover in wired mode. The keys won’t conflict with each other. Save you from trouble while playing a game. Built-in large capacity battery ensures long time use without falling behind. Without the backlit on, it can last about 100 hours. With backlit on, it lasts about 8 hours. Charge it to full only takes about 4 hours, and the standby time is about 200 hours maximum

Ergonomics Design&18 RGB Light Effects. The keyboard are designed with rubber feet to be more suitable for typing habits. You won’t feel tired even after long time using it. 18 RGB light effects are classic and neat, freely adjust the brightness and light speed. The double-shot injection keycaps are wear-resistant and more transparent, DIY your desktop even at night

Innovative Roller Button Control. The keyboard is designed with a roller button in between to control volume and lights to facilitate operation. With a type-c cable, it offers steady transmission. The cable and keyboard is separated as well, wise design to use in wireless mode

What is in the Package

The product packaging is simple and direct. The front of the pure white carton is printed with the appearance rendering diagram, brand logo, product name and other information.

On the left side of the back of the packaging box, there is a disassembling effect diagram of the keyboard, which shows the characteristics of the hot plug shaft body of the product more directly. In addition, there are the introduction of the basic parameters of the product and the display of the barcode and other information.

The packing list includes Ajazz K870T mechanical keyboard *1, manual *1, TypeC-USB charging cable *1, color key cap *10, shaft *10.

Design and Appearance

There are ten color PBT key caps that included in the package can replace the original key caps for DIY customization. The Ajazz K870T that the author received this time is a tea shaft, and the attached shaft body has a number of red shaft, black shaft and green shaft for replacement. In addition, there is a special shaft pulling device.

Then there’s our keyboard, the Ajazz K870T, which has the usual 87-key compact layout. The product has two appearances for choice, one is back , the other is white. And the internal shaft body has four kinds of shaft body for choice: red, black, tea, green. What I choose is black tea axis version, typing faster and more labor-saving, gap sense is normal. The moderate size of 362*134*34.5mm and the common 87-key layout make the all-key conflict-free wireless design more concise and neat. Ajazz k870T is suitable fot both office and family usage.

It is also competent for electric gaming. In terms of overall appearance and structure, the Ajazz K870T is protected by a circle of outer borders, and the keys are arranged in suspension. There are two indicator lights in the upper left corner, where “A” is blue light indicator of CAP, “⚡” Is the red light indicator of charging .

The key caps are made of ABS material has more delicate light transmittance, but also can ensure strong wear resistance and not easily get dirty. Above the keys there are two circular keys and a scroll wheel which are unusual design on keyboards. Blue light on the left button is Bluetooth mode, and it is wired mode when the light is off.

When the middle button is blue light on, the roller is used to adjust the brightness of the light, and when the light is off, the roller is used to adjust the volume. Roller function switch, light volume at will adjustment. A white brand logo is printed on the side of the lower right frame, which adds color to the appearance of the whole product.

From the side of the keyboard can be seen that the keys adopt two high middle low up and down arrangement design, the key operation will be more convenient and labor saving. The only interface on the keyboard is set at the top side of the keyboard, which combines the functions of charging and wired connection. This position is also designed for convenient connection and wiring. The four corners of the back of the keyboard are designed with black pads, the front position has a higher design, but also added a folding foot support design.

There is a keyboard toggle button in the middle and a sticker with product information. The foldable foot support can adjust the keyboard input Angle after opening. It is equipped with four anti-slip pads to make the keyboard stable and not easy to slide. The key shaft body is a satellite shaft with large key position. After repeated parameter comparison and adjustment by professional and technical personnel, the feel of the key is restored.

Switches and Keycaps

Because the accessories introduced in the front include color key cap and shaft body, so the Ajazz K870T not only supports the independent replacement of key cap, but also can replace the shaft body, truly create a suitable keyboard for your own.

The complimentary ten color PBT key caps are made according to Ajazz K870T, and the material size of the original key caps is basically the same, but the font is opaque. Replacing the Ajazz K870T’s original key cap with color key cap, it instantly become full of personality. Of course, we can also choose the third party key cap for replacement, making it to become colorful.

In addition to the replacement of the key cap, it also supports the replacement of the shaft body, and Ajazz K870T can be compatible with 99% of the mechanical shaft body on the market, so that you have much freedom to customize your own mechanical keyboard. Replace the shaft according to your most appropriate tactile and auditory feedback.

After pulling the shaft out of the shaft body with the key puller, you can see that the triangular shaft seat that is compatible with most mechanical shaft bodies is adopted. You can take the shaft body you want to replace and insert the alignment pins and holes. The whole process is simple and fast, and the sense of satisfaction and success is full.

Hot swap shaft design, we can set up the shaft body we want under each button and the feeling of rebound can be customized. Replacing the key cap so that the keyboard is no longer monotonous, replacing the shaft body so that the keyboard operation is no longer single boring, Ajazz K870T mechanical keyboard is very good with modified attributes.

RGB Lighting


The RGB light effect is indispensable with the mechanical keyboard. The Ajazz K870T supports 18 kinds of RGB light effect, which can be switched and adjusted by cooperating with FN and other keys: FN+INS: steady on, single on, single off; FN+HOME: “Go with the flow” (factory default), “twists and turns”, “colorful and horizontal”; FN+PAGE UP: “Snowy and flowers”; FN+DEL: “Ripple spread, trigger”, “kill two birds with one stone”; FN+END: “dynamic respiration”, “spectral cycle”, “color spring surge”; FN+PAGE DOWN: “endless mountains “flow and gentle rain”; FN+ “-“/” + “light speed plus or minus, etc.


Ajazz K870T connection is very simple, it support wired and wireless connection two modes. The first is wired mode is connected to the keyboard data line can be used, press the wired and Bluetooth mode switch button, when the button light is off for wired use mode. After the connection is successful, the Ajazz K870T keyboard RGB light is also lit up, and more light effect and operation will be detailed later.

Compared with the wired connection, the wireless Bluetooth mode reduces the shackles of wires and the desktop becomes much cleaner, which is also the choice of more people. To use wireless mode, the user needs to turn on the switch at the bottom of the keyboard first, and the blue light will be on when the wired and Bluetooth mode switch keys are switched. At this time, the keyboard is in Bluetooth mode, and it can only be used if it is used for the first time. Press on FN+P for three seconds to enter the code matching mode.

Search for “AJAZZ K870T Keyboard” on the Bluetooth device and click the connection to complete the pairing: in Bluetooth mode, there is no operation for 5 minutes, the keyboard backlight is automatically turned off, and there is no operation for 30 minutes, the keyboard enters the standby state and is disconnected from the Bluetooth device. Just hit any key of the keyboard to wake up the keyboard. In the actual use experience process, the overall scientific shape design and key layout plus the mechanical shaft support, typing response speed is fast, rebound feels good, and the whole process is stable without breaking.


The Ajazz K870T has a built-in 2000mAh battery. The battery lasts about 8 hours when the backlight is on in Bluetooth mode, 100 hours when the backlight is not on, and about 200 hours in standby. It is worth mentioning that the Ajazz K870T is not only compatible with Android, iOS, MAC, Windows system, mobile phone, computer, tablet device universal, it also supports the control and storage of three Bluetooth devices, through FN+Q, FN+W, FN+E in three Bluetooth devices have been paired successfully switch selection.

When using Bluetooth mode, when the keyboard power is low, the backlight of the FN key keeps blinking to indicate charging. When charging, use a 5V1A charger, charging time is about 4 hours. Of course, it can also be directly plugged into the computer to charge. When charging, the red indicator on the upper left corner of the keyboard is always on, and the light is off when full.

Warranty & Return Policy

All Shavalife products have a warranty of 1 month. Physical damages to the product may not qualify for warranty or replacement. Upon receiving returned item, the company will replace or refund immediately. We are available 24/7, feel free to contact us at any time. Thank you!


Ajazz K870T hot-swappable mechanical keyboard has a replaceable key cap and 18 kinds of RGB light effects on the appearance. It has 2000mAh lithium battery to meet the long battery life. Besides, it supports the use of wired/wireless Bluetooth dual-mode connection. It is suitable for both office and playing games.

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