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Ajazz ak33

Ajazz ak33 Keyboard a Little More Than Your Expectation

Introduction of Ajazz ak33 Keyboard

The keyboard of today’s review is Black Ajazz AK33, using a shaft body commonly known as “Zorro shaft”, which seems to feature low price, and there is not much relevant information on the Internet. The previous ultra-cheap mechanical keyboard, the ViewSonic KU520, used this shaft. And the black Ajazz AK33, currently a special price first released on, black axis 169RMB, green axis 179RMB, lower than the price of Taobao. Yi Xun is the same price but there are 199 full reduction of 20 (the current activity has ended).

I have been going from cities to cities for the past two years. Although I have numerous typing jobs, I have been using the laptop keyboard, since mechanical keyboard is too big and too heavy to carry. Fortunately, I have not been using mechanical keyboard for a long time, and I don’t have much requirement or expectation from a mechanical keyboard. But since I’ve experienced the thrill of typing on mechanical keyboard, it’s hard to forget.

By now, I don’t have to travel around all the time and I feel good about getting some new devices. The mouse is still the same as the IE3.0, but of course, whether it’s a keyboard or a mouse, for me it’s all about the feeling, and the latest technology on the mouse is just a nonsense to me, as I basically don’t play games with a mouse. So after going through 10+ different mouses, IE3.0 is still my favourite. Also, as for PC games I prefer to play with a game pad, the purpose of the keyboard is to enhance the thrill and comfort of typing.

In the past two years or so, the mechanical keyboard industry has made huge progress. The first is the cherry axis, due to “lack of capacity” and it is no longer supplied in a large amount to other keyboard vendors, and then the rise of Chinese axis body, such as Kaihua, Guantai and other specialized axis body suppliers, as well as razer, thunderbolt, tarantula, squirrel axis. Other axis body manufacturers with their own R & D and other “special axis” enter the market in a large area.

But there is also Logitech using the special Omron axis makes the mechanical keyboard world so lively. The current mechanical keyboard shaft distinction is still mainly along the cherry shaft classification method, namely the mainstream black, red, green, tea and cold white, green and so on. As for the difference between the shaft body see, here is not detailed, some expert guys summed up more comprehensive than me, but also more accurate

Ajazz ak33


Brand: AJAZZ

Keyboard & Mouse Model: AJAZZ AK33

Bundle Set: No

Keyboard Key Type: Mechanical Key

Warranty Duration: 12 Months

Gaming Focused: Yes

Connection Type: Wireless

Wired Connection: TYPE-C to USB 2.0

Keyboard Compatibility: Windows XP/ Windows 7-10/ Others

Key Pairing Functions: Fn+1 / Fn+2 / Fn+3

(Can be paired to three different devices, one after another)

Bluetooth Keyboard Name: AK33 Bluetooth 5.0

Transmission Distance: 10m

USB Cable Length: 1.6m

Charging Time: 3.5 hours

Standby Time: 90 days

Keyboard Usage Time: Up to 10 days

Type: 75% TKL

Backlight Modes: 18 modes

Brightness Levels: 5 levels

Working Current: 150mAh

Keystroke Lifespan: 50 million times

Warranty Type: Supplier Warranty


1 AJAZZ AK33 Keyboard

1 Small Brush

1 Keycap Puller

1 Detachable USB Cable

1 Manual

The outer packaging of Ajazz ak33 keyboard is made of primary color corrugated paper, and the packaging of the keyboard sent to us is complete, but there is nothing special. The upper left corner of the front is printed with AJazz logo, as well as Only Victory’s logo, followed by anti-counterfeiting code. On the lower right are the Geek logo and keyboard models. On the back is the keyboard code and parameter identification, although relatively simple, but the overall looks clear handwriting, looks like a high end.

The inner package of Ajazz ak33 keyboard is made of black corrugated paper. Only the same series logo and keyboard model are printed in red bronzing on the lower right corner of the outer package.

When the inner package was opened, the Ajazz ak33 keyboard was wrapped in white foam paper and supported by black foam on both sides. Then, a bundle of data cables, an instruction manual and a warranty card. Yeah, no freebies. That’s it. The manual printing of Ajazz ak33 keyboard is more elaborate, and also specifically printed for the K33, much better than those that come with generic instructions.


Overall, the Ajazz ak33 keyboard uses the RACE layout, a total of 82 keys, in which the arrow key, , DEL key and ESC key and other relatively commonly used function keys are widened. Compared with the classic 84 key layout, Ajazz ak33 keyboard is just more characteristic. The lighting on the Ajazz ak33 keyboard is average compared to the current mainstream monochrome lighting keyboards, but there is nothing distinctive about it. Lights have function of steady on, breath, waterfall and predatory.

In total, four modes, and 5 levels of brightness, also 5 levels of speed. In daily use, Ajazz ak33 keyboard is basically steady on and breathing, or directly off. The brightest state in use will have interference to the line of sight, basically three levels below will be more comfortable. The breathing light gradient of Ajazz ak33 keyboard is natural and does not have an obvious gap feeling, but for some reason it occasionally pops and flashes.

Ajazz ak33

In addition, Ajazz ak33 keyboard default light is always on + the brightest, or to rely on Fn+ up and down around and F8 to adjust. F1 through F8 are multimedia buttons. In addition, the Fn+ Win key can lock the WIN key, and the Fn+ W key can be interchanged with the WSAD and arrow keys.

The back board of Ajazz ak33 keyboard is actually a smooth surface with fine workmanship, and no obvious rough edges or holes are seen. The entire keyboard has only one CapsLock light, right next to the CapsLock, which is red. The keyboard chassis is painted, lacquer proof, the middle is the nameplate, pasted very straight, the nameplate is above the brand logo, abrasive more fine.

Switches and Keycaps

The key cap of Ajazz ak33 keyboard is ABS+ coated, which is fine and thick. It has a sticky feeling, similar to oil but definitely not. It is not a frosted surface, but it may be a little uncomfortable for sweaty hands. The hollow-out part adopts laser etching, the font is not distinctive, but the edge is relatively neat, but there are bumps caused by etching on the surface, which slightly affect the touching feel.

As for wear out resistance, it takes a long time to experience the Ajazz ak33 keyboard. The whole key cap works well, the internal reinforcement is also relatively sufficient, the nozzle is very beautiful, basically you can not see the rough edge, the quality and details are good.

Shaft body is mainly Zorro green shaft. However, all the big keys are used with purple shaft body, after repeated experience, it seems that the number of pressure grams is slightly larger, gap feeling is similar. In addition, although the satellite shaft is used, the key cap will be more convenient for switching.

Ajazz ak33

Ajazz ak33 keyboard uses the current top cover structure, GOLD underneath, but feels like aluminum, this is not certain, but it is not cold. Keyboard screws are hidden under the key cap, chassis can not see the screws, this may be a consideration for the appearance, and the effect is good. The chassis edge looks like CNC cutting, but the edge is not as sharp as iPad.

I don’t know the specific treatment method, but it looks good. Motherboard can be seen dimly using black motherboard. Since there is no plan to dismantle the keyboard, I will not talk too much about its internal construction here.


The appearance of a mechanical keyboard is important, but the feel is the most important. I have two mechanical keyboards, a cherry green and a cherry red. On the hand of this keyboard, the feel of the green axis is similar to cherry green, which has a strong feeling of gap. Internal structure is unknown, should be the same feeling with cherry and green.

Spring pressure grams is unknown, intuitive feel slightly heavier than cherry green, gaps are significantly weaker than the cherry, not crisp as steel cherry. The integral feeling is similar to steel plate cherry tea, but the gap feels stronger than tea cherry. The TRIGGER KEY process seems to be slightly smaller than CHERRY, the sound is also very stuffy. In my office and dormitory in the process of using the keyboard code word, no one said it is noisy, but my green axis caused the dormitory anger, of course, this is also one of the reasons I doubt the chassis material.

As for fast keystroke, the shaft body gap sense is weak, it is estimated that the sleeve shaft and shaft resistance is relatively large. The reason is after the trigger point the sleeve shaft lag relatively. As for rebound, obviously too lazy to do, not only slow, but also the intensity of special small. In addition, the biggest problem of the shaft body is unpleasant fiction.

Every time you press, you can feel the friction between the shaft body and the shaft cover. This should be caused by the accuracy of the abrasive tool, and it is estimated that it can be improved after a long time of use. At present, the gap between Zorro axis and cherry axis is relatively large, of course, the price difference is also huge.

Key Selling Points

Portable 82 key. The unique layout design minimizes the size to 12.2 x 4.72 inches while ensuring full functionality, saving office space. Apart from plugging in a USB cable, Ajazz ak33 keyboard is easy to carry. It works perfectly whether you use it at work, in a game, or in everyday life.

RGB LED backlight. Default 18 backlight modes and 1 custom mode, FN+F8 to change. Choose the color of each key freely through the software from a spectrum of over 16.8 million colors, choose the one you like and the one that suits you best, bringing you a wonderful and interesting visual experience. The injection-molded lock provides the best touch, clear and bright light and the letters on the lock will not be erased.

The blue switch. The specially modified Blue switch provides the same experience as the Cherry MX Blue with a service life of up to 50 million. Give you the most pure mechanical experience. Using the ergonomic R5 key with a different shape from the traditional keyboard, clicking ESC F key is faster. Anti fatigue, suitable for long time use.

Professional gaming keyboard. 82 N bonds. Special software, support macro editing, USB report rate 125/250/500/1000Hz adjustment. Aluminum and ABS structure, custom mechanical switches, professional control chips, durable, stable performance, to provide the best quality assurance.

Extensive compatibility and hassle-free warranty. Plug and Play, compatible with Windows 10/8/7 XP Vista Mac Linux, etc. (Note: no Mac OS programs) We promise to provide the best products and the best after-sales service, manufacturer warranty for one year, unconditional money back guarantee for 30 days.

• High quality aluminum and ABS construction

• ARM-class integrated 32-bit processor with 18 backlight modes

• The Bluetooth version can be switched over a wired connection

• The Bluetooth version can connect to three different devices at the same time through key functions. Press the function button for 3 seconds to connect.


Warranty Policy: This Limited Warranty covers any defects in workmanship under normal use (misuse and mishandling not included) during the Warranty Period of 12 months from the date of its purchase. Within the first month, Gadget Hunter PH will replace, repair or refund, at no charge, the products or parts of a product that proves defective because of improper craftsmanship.


First, as a new brand, I am deeply impressed by the details of the Ajazz ak33 keyboard. It is plain but careful packaged, fine key cap mould, not grandiose appearance, careful handling of mat and the brace. It is not pure satellite shaft, and so on all details shows Ajazz’s attitude for the product, and give me a very good first impression.

It is not that there are no shortcomings, but considering the price of less than 200RMB, and the blue light of pure color, it is still relatively super worthy. As a user, it’s worth the price of getting a keyboard with high quality and impressive details.In addition, due to the purpose of me using keyboard, the anti-impact characteristics of the Ajazz ak33 keyboard have not been tested. The official data seems to show that there is no impact in the whole six keys.

However, due to the price limit, the Zorro axis has become the biggest flaw of this keyboard, the so-called higher the price better the goods. And what is the bottom of the material is still a mystery. With that in mind, I would recommend this keyboard to those who have no experience with mechanical keyboards and are less dependent on games and have limited funds.

While it feels different from the original shaft, it still outperforms most other thin-film keyboards of the same price. As a mechanical keyboard enlightenment, or more competent. If someone will change the shaft, then the appearance of relatively small and fresh this product can also be considered to change the shaft object, but the bottom plate may need to be replaced.

For me, the Ajazz ak33 keyboard is totally worth the price, the quality, details and accessories are very delicate very worthy of the price. For some who have never touch the mechanical keyboard Ajazz ak33 is a good choice. As mentioned above, it is absolutely no problem for long term use.

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