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Recent years have seen the rise of custom switches and hot-swappable mechanical keyboards, making switch testers more relevant than ever. And the switch tester is a simple but essential tool for anyone who regularly works with or around electrical switches.

Today, the article will provide some knowledge about switch testers and make a comparison between the TTC Tiger Shaft and TTC Decompression Tester and WASD’s Switch Tester.

Introduction to a switch tester

There are many different types of switch testers on the market. A switch tester is a handy tool that allows you to test the functionality of a switch before installation. This is a must-have tool for electricians and homeowners who want to do the work themselves. By plugging the device into an outlet and attaching the alligator clip leads to a switch, the tester can tell you whether the switch is on or off, and whether it is functioning properly. The tester is especially useful for avoiding costly replacements of switches that may still be working correctly. If a switch does need to be replaced, the tester can also help you determine which one is not functioning properly.

a switch tester

How to Use a Switch Tester?

Using a switch tester is easy. Simply plug the device into an outlet, and attach the alligator clip leads to the switch you want to test. The tester will then let you know whether the switch is on or off, and whether it is functioning properly.

The switch tester is a small keyboard for trial before buying a mechanical keyboard. The switch tester collects a variety of colorful switches of black, tea, green, white, green and gray, with one button for each.

Consumers try it out by themselves. After pressing each key for dozens or hundreds of times in a row, they know the pressure grams, feedback strength, sound volume, and basic structure in various keyboard evaluations, and know which shaft they like, you can buy the corresponding mechanical keyboard.

The switch tester can help those who want to start a mechanical keyboard, but have been lost in the various colors such as green,red, black, tea, milk, white and green, and suffer from no chance to actually
feel the hands.

For some people who are still confused, as follows are some tips for using a switch tester:

1. Use the right switch tester for the job

2. Make sure you read the instructions carefully

3. Be careful when handling the switch tester

4. Test the switch tester before use

5. Keep the switch tester clean and well-maintained

6. Store the switch tester properly when not in use

7. Follow all safety precautions when using a switch tester

Why to Use a Switch Tester?

Why is a switch tester so important for us? The key lies in the differences between various switches. There are many kinds of switches, including green switch, tea switch, black switch, red switch, and white switch, with different functions.

Green Switch: Green Switch provides the strongest sense of paragraph, the loudest click sound, and the strongest mechanical sense. It is the representative switch of the mechanical keyboard. It needs to be pressed down 2.4mm to trigger. The typing rhythm is full, but the sound is loud and noisy. Some people liken it to Cherry’s spring, and the crisp and crisp paragraphs feel as comfortable as spring.


Tea switch: Compared with the green switch, the sense of paragraph of tea switch is much weaker, and compared with the black switch, it is not straight up and down. It can be triggered by 2mm, which is a relatively luxurious mechanical switch. Some people compare it to the autumn of Cherry, which combines the characteristics of the green and black axes, which is easily accepted by the public. The color of the tea switch is closer to the color of the autumn harvest.


Black switch: The sense of paragraph of this switch is the least obvious, the sound is the smallest, and it is in sharp contrast with the green switch. It can be triggered by pressing down 2.0mm. Some people liken it to Cherry’s summer. Whether you want to get rapid or soothing input, the black switch can handle it freely, and it is suitable for typing games. However, due to the short trigger key travel and the large number of grams of pressure, it is very good in the game. Performance.

Red switch: The sense of paragraphof red switch is not obvious, similar to the black switch. However, the number of grams of pressure is smaller than that of the black switch, starting at 35 and ending at 60 (the starting point of the black switch is 40). Its action curve and feel are similar to those of the black switch. There is no paragraph feeling when tapping, straight up and down, and the trigger key travel is also 2.0mm, but the pressure in grams is smaller, only 30g, which makes it easier to strike and can be well balanced. Gaming and typing usage needs.


White switch: The sense of paragraph of white switch is stronger than that of the tea switch. Due to the large number of grams of pressure, it is more laborious to press. It takes 2.2mm to trigger. If the finger force is small, it is easy to get tired. Some people liken it to Cherry’s winter, not only because it is a white switch, but because the pressure gram is larger than the black switch, there is a sense of paragraphs caught in the snow, which is difficult to describe. At present, the white switch is relatively rare.

There are really a lot of differences among switches. But do not worry. A switch tester can help you get the switch you need. This handy little gadget can also help you save money by avoiding costly replacements of switches that may still be working correctly, because it is a ‚Äėtry before you buy‚Äô and the best way to ensure you make the right choice of key switch when choosing a mechanical keyboard.

It’s also easy to use, making it a great addition to any toolbox. Whether you’re a professional electrician or a do-it-yourselfer, a switch tester is a valuable tool to have on hand.

Furthermore, capacitive switch tester Gives Multiple choices.

There is more than one type of switch, which varies according to the resistance that the spring offers on the click. Some are softer, while others are harder. Moreover, there are also silent switches, while others make a clicking noise.

There are a number of switch manufacturers, among which the Cherry became a reference in the category. The Cherry MX line has different models, separated by colors, between more and less resistant, silent or noisy.

However, by using a capacitive switch tester, users can fight all issues without any problem and there is no need to replace them.

Some manufacturers, however, such as Razer, use proprietary switches.

Last but not least, a switch tester is used to compare the feel and sound of various mechanical keyboard key switch types. That means it can help you find your perfect switches and mechanical keyboard.

The TTC Tiger Shaft and TTC Decompression Tester VS WASD’s Switch Tester

a  switch tester

Before I introduce the The TTC Tiger Shaft and TTC Decompression Tester ,let us learn some backgrounds of TTC. Huizhou Zhengpai Kedian Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, specializing in the design, development and production of digital encoders, electronic switches and connectors, which are widely used in mobile phones, automotive electronics, notebooks, mice, keyboards, medical equipment, digital products, Household appliances, measuring instruments, industrial control equipment, etc.

The TTC Tiger Shaft and TTC Decompression Tester are limited editions for the Year of the Tiger. The overall appearance and color design are based on the 2022 Golden Tiger element fashion color. Referring to the color of tiger hair – orange-red; the color of tiger claw – milky white; the bionic design of the golden tiger’s shape and color pattern is carried out in an all-round way, and the effect is exquisite and agile.

Switch Tester

Chinese culture is broad and profound, with a long history and profound connotation. In 2022, the celestial and earthly branches of the Chinese lunar calendar are “Ren Yin”, and the zodiac is tiger. The upper cover of the TTC Tiger Axis and the bottom of the TTC Tiger Axis Limited Edition decompression tester are engraved with the ancient Chinese character “Ren Yin”, which is full of charm.

Moreover, the TTC shaft decompression tester adopts the TTC professional gaming shaft seat, which is compatible with all MX type mechanical shafts, free shafts, and can be replaced at will, with a service life of up to 10,000 times, once and for all, foolproof.

Switch Tester

The TTC decompression tester is equipped with a Panasonic CR2032 imported button battery with a nominal capacity of 220mah, which is durable.

At the same time, it is also equipped with a high-quality button battery holder. When the battery capacity is insufficient, the top cover of the decompression tester can be removed to easily replace the battery.

In terms of parameters, the TTC tiger shaft has a conduction pressure of 45g, an initial force of 40gf, a total shaft stroke of 3.7mm, a conduction stroke of 1.08mm, and a lifespan of 100 million times. It adopts the patented structure of TTC Lego mechanical shaft. The overall structure consists of 9 parts. Compared with the standard shaft body of 6 parts, 3 sets of precision molds and 3 shaft body parts are added.

According to the official introduction, the tiger shaft adopts an innovative production process in the manufacturing process, which overcomes the difficulty of assembling long springs, and the shaft body has good elasticity. In addition, the shaft body increases the initial pressure to prevent false touch operation. The double-mold cross process used for the upper cover is very complicated, and the requirements for dimensional accuracy are extremely strict, so the cost is high and the yield is limited.

The beauty and practicality are a perfect match.The TTC decompression tester is equipped with RBG phantom LED lamp beads, and the user triggers the light effect when the user presses the test shaft. When pressed continuously, white and blue lights will appear; long press, the light will alternate slowly from white, blue, yellow, and red twice, and then change colors quickly and frequently. High-value, strong and practical, radiant, can’t put it down.

Next, let me introduce your another choice: WASD’s switch tester. WASD Keyboards is a mechanical keyboard customization manufacturer that supports the key layout, shaft body, keycap color, whether it has an F area, and even print your favorite pattern on the keycap. WASD KEYBOARDS America’s top custom keyboard manufacturer, from keyboards to parts and tools, can be purchased on the WASD official website.

Switch Tester

Compared to buying a keyboard for each switch, WASD’s switch tester is a very affordable option. There are not only four common mechanical switches, but also two relatively rare mechanical switches, green and white.

In addition to the 6 types of Cherry MX mechanical switches, the WASD switch tester also comes with two types of silencer O-rings, 0.2mm and 0.4mm. The red one is 0.2mm and the blue one is 0.4mm. (The so-called red and blue cp since ancient times, pay tribute to the O-rings designer of WASD!) Players can compare the feel and sound of the mechanical shaft without O-rings and using 0.2mm and 0.4mm O-rings.

The entire switch tester is placed on a steel plate, and the material of this steel plate is the same as the pcb steel plate used in the WASD mechanical keyboard, so the use of this shaft tester can largely restore the real feel of using a mechanical keyboard.


In short, The TTC Tiger Shaft and TTC Decompression Tester and WASD’s switch tester are both good choices. However, if you want to buy a well-designed and cute switch tester, choose The TTC Tiger Shaft and TTC Decompression Tester. And then if you prefer to buy a switch tester with comfortable hand feel, choose WASD’s switch tester. Either of them can help you find your pefect switch and save your money.

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